Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lets read and dance

Two things that I love to do, and one of them I am not so good at any more LOL! (DH's fault he doesn't take me dancing but one in a blue moon) So I was just sitting at my stamp counter wondering what I really wanted to do (my Mojo was still in the deep regions of the Caribbean on vacation) I started fiddling with little scraps of paper and remembered my Rouge Redhead Stamps and dug them out. The little sentiment brought my Mojo back and we got started. My dancing man is from a contest I won YEARS ago and do not remember who I won him from, and frankly this is the first time I have used him =O The stack of books fall into the same I don't remember category. The small open books are from Rogue Redhead Stamps. So that is how this card came together on a lazy afternoon. It is good to have my Mojo back home and keeping my imagination warm in this cold winter weather we are having.


  1. What a fun card! I love your design!

  2. Krisha, this is brilliant! I saw it over at Rogue Redhead and had to come have a closer look. What a perfect combination of images, sentiment, background - gorgeous!!!