Thursday, June 7, 2012

Center Pieces

 For a friends BBQ and fundraiser I made these center pieces, nine in all.  I think I jumped off the deep end with out a net, but I did get them finished in time and managed to get 4 wine baskets ready for the auction part of the fundraiser.  The following pictures are some close-ups.  I found the green transparent containers and the foam blocks at the dollar store.  I just used the tissue paper like I would in a gift bag and pushed the foam blocks into the containers.  I used bamboo skewers for the pinwheels and floral wire for the flowers.  The Jack-In-the-Box bodies are made with a wired mesh ribbon with a heavy wire running through the body and into the heads.  I wound the pipe cleaners around a pencil and glued a pom pom to the top of them.  Also use the pom poms for the center of the flowers.  I did buy some butterflies (at the dollar store 3 for a $100) used them on the back of the pin wheels where the stick was glued.  All in all I really like the way they turned out and with a little tweaking could be used for baby showers.

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