Fill'er Up

Here we go on a new week, #3 for October.....and it is going to be a crazy busy one around here.
So with THAT, I thought I'd better get a jump start on a few things tis morning ( already mid-morning here in SOCAL)  My AI card and cup of coffee are for all my T-Gang .... the inside reads "No talky...before coffee"  sounds about right.

We had some rain last night, it was just starting to sprinkle around 11 P.M.  The ground is not soaking wet so it must have been an off and on rain, but the rain drops were still on my gladiolas this morning.  These are a dark red gladiola, but with the bright sun shinning through them they look orange.  Now that we have had a little wind and a nice shower, the air is so clean and the sky is blue....all the harvest dust is now gone.

Update on the bottle tag/cards.  I have managed to get two made of both of these designs.
I also met a lady, Saturday evening, that has a new café and gift shop right outside of town.......well where the freeway and off ramp to Shafter are.......about 5 miles from here.  She is a fellow crafter, and as we got to talking I mentioned the cards and tags I make ( just happened to have some photos on my phone *grin*) She is interested in seeing some of them today to sell in her gift shop!!  I said I would come by about 10 this morning.
Well, I'm back from my meeting with Tammy and she bought cards and bottle tags....Wahoo!  Now she wants some art work and some handmade journals.......guess I'm going to get even busier...LOL!
Over the weekend we made a dash over to the winery for the Fall Harvest BBQ and wine pickup.  I didn't take pictures because it is the same winery we always go to.  BUT it was raining Saturday, over there, and everything was moved indoors.....but I enjoyed the cool weather and the gentle rain.  As we were leaving...down a long dirt road, I made DH stop so I could get some pictures of the wild turkeys in that area.

Time to get on with the rest of my day.....laundry is in progress, kitchen needs cleaned and now it is almost lunch time....LOL!
Inky Hugs


Valerie-Jael said…
Lovely post today - wonderful bottle cards, and congrats on finding someone to buy some of your lovely work, that's great! Fantastic photos of the wild turkeys, never seen them before. And 'no talky before coffee' is absolutely my taste! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie
Lucky you to have found an outlet to sell your art. So proud and happy for you. You make such great art, it stands to reason she would want to support you.

Love the wild turkeys. I used to see them in SE KS, but not here. They aren't for eating, though. Some people like them, but I have never been fond of anything wild.

LOVE the card. Made me laugh. Sounds like me in the morning, not that I have anyone to converse with other than my "boys." Thanks for sharing your coffee, your wonderful tags, those beautiful rain covered glads, and the wild turkeys with us for T this week.
johanna said…
awesome Card and bottle tags! and woohoo, you will be selling your art, how great is this? good luck!!
happy t-day:)
Meggymay said…
Good for you finding a place to sell your lovely art work, hope it all goes well.
I loved the photos today,the words you added to the inside of the card have put a big smile on my face.
Happy T day
Yvonne xx
Linda Kunsman said…
you are always so busy Krisha! A winery visit is always nice and how wonderful you found a shop to sell some of your art in. Love your coffee card-so true:) Happy T day!
Darla said…
How exciting that your work is being sold in a gift shop. I'm delighted for you. I like you photo's of the gladiolas. I used to see them everywhere but not so much anymore. Wasn't that rain refreshing? I think we got a bit more than you did but not a whole lot.
Fantastic art Krisha and how exiting to sell your art! WOW!
Congrats on this and thank you for the fab photos if the wild turkeys!
jinxxxygirl said…
Raindrops on Glads! Just beautiful Krisha.... What an eye you have for a great photograph... So great that you keep finding opportunities to sell your art... I wish one would jump in my lap You go girl! Happy happy Tday! hugs! deb
Lisca said…
It's so exciting whan someone likes your stuff so much, they are willing to buy it off you! Wahoo! Congratulations!
Wild turkeys? I didn't know they existed in the wild. Very interesting....
Happy T-Day,
And have a good week,
Congrats on your new opportunity to share your art! I love the turkey pictures! I don't see them often at all, sometimes not even every year, so this was a treat. Thx! Happy T Tuesday :)
Wow, that's wonderful news about selling your card and tags - I'm so excited for you :-). Your card really made me smile - fantastic! I've never seen wild turkeys or even knew they existed so thanks so much for sharing your photos today. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)
What a great post! So please you have found someone to sell your art! Hugs, Chrisx
What a great post! So please you have found someone to sell your art! Hugs, Chrisx
Karla B said…
Love your card and bottle tags! I am glad you will be selling your art. This is amazing! Happy t-day!