Monday, March 13, 2017

T-day and Other Things

Welcome back for an other T-day post.  Grab a cup of coffee, tea, soda, or a great bottle of water and then we'll begin!!

I do want to take a moment and thank everybody who drops by weekly and to all of you that are here for the first time.  If you are dropping by for the first time, this post is part of a great group of people, that I just call the T-gang.  We gather at the Altered Book Lover's Blog and share our drink and food related posts and what ever else we want to share.

All is my opening photo....... 

This is what I have already accomplished this morning ( and it's only Monday *grin*).  I took this just before grabbing that cup for a!  My watercolor fish are being auditioned for my grandson's birthday card. 

Now on to the "other things"  It's long and rather wordy from here....but you can skip to the bottom if you wish.


Two of my Paint Pals came by on Thursday and we decided to let our inner children out to play.  We watched, and painted with a video: finger painting with Jane, on You Tube.  Notice all the large cups?  We had just gotten back from The Shop Cafe for lunch, while our backgrounds dried.......that turned out to be a two hour much talking and laughing!! No photos....we were too busy...*grin*  Cheryl, our other PP was at a very important meeting and had to miss this, but I assured her that we would catch her up on an other day.
These two really got into it....there inner children look so serious!
I had taped watercolor paper to some old canvases, but we were using acrylic paint.


Patty, using the two finger method.....*grin*

Lea is working her yellow flowers with just one finger.

Lea's finished painting

This is mine

Patty's finished painting

A couple of proud Paint Pals.

Jumping forward..........It is now late Monday night and I am just getting back to finishing this post.  What a day, Hubby came in early from a truck run so we could meet with a contractor at 11 this morning.  He took us way out in the country to show us a home he is just finishing, that ended up being a two hour tour!!!  The place was HUGE 7,000 sq. feet!!  Two story house on top of a basement, with a garage bigger than the house I'm sitting in right now!! All I could think was "I'm sure glad I don't have to clean this place!" LOL!!! We still have a few more contractors to talk to and get bids from before we even think about starting construction of our new house Hubby and I had a quick late lunch.....sorry no photos.  Then home again so he could go get an other load to deliver tomorrow your almost caught up.......


The cutest post card from Deb our Jinixxxy girl. Thanks Deb, I think it is fantastic!!

Next was this awesome large envelope from Germany.  Yep! it's from Valerie over at Bastelmania blog.
Want to see what was in it???????

I pull out this large white plastic bag.......really a cool looking bag.

Wrapped in some bubble wrap were this luscious handmade paper beads....they are about 2 1/2 inches long..........full of texture and sparkle. 

The 12" tall tag!!!! Oh how I wish my camera would have captured this better.  It is just absolutely gorgeous!!!   Metallic golds and copper and glitter!!!!

Here is what things were wrapped in......napkins and a very cool post card.  I just love the cow napkin Valerie!

Okay she didn't stop there...............the crowning jewel was...............

This hand made journal!!!

LOOK at the beautiful texture and colors!!!  It has a pocket on the inside of both covers, and in one cover are two bookmarks.......I was so excited I forgot to get a photo of the insides.......LOL!

I'm not sure what I did to deserve such wonderful gifts but THANK YOU VALERIE and THANK YOU DEB for the great post card.

I made a tag last week and decided to attach it to my JD as a flap.  I removed the flap I had original put on this page, then used the same paints and ink to make it go with the tag.

Well, I'm starting to have trouble keeping my eyes open....there was more I was going to share until I got all the Happy Mail......but it will all save for an other day.......yawn!

I hope all our friends on the northern east coast are staying safe and warm to night as that huge snow storm is passing through to night.  We hear predictions of 12-24 inches of snow.  Now I do feel bad that it will be almost 90' (F) here tomorrow.........yawn!

That's it for me ( yawn)......time to link up with the T-gang at Elizabeth's blog.
I'll make rounds in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee.....
Nite all!


  1. Glad the journal etc arrived safely! Lovely card from Deb, too. Your fishes are so bright and cheerful, and love the finger painting, what a fun time you had. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Full to the prim with art and artsy inspiration is this lovely post dear Krisha!
    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  3. Wow, this was a fine post to read, wonderful art, and fun finger painting, great inspirtation.
    Your goodies looked lovely, I'm sure you will enjoy having and using the,.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne ss

  4. I am in awe of the finger paintings you and your friends made. Really lovely. But most of all, I was so, so impressed with your happy mail. Deb's postcard with the little leprechaun is adorable. And Valerie's tag, beads, and book are out of this world. She is such a sweetie, isn't she?

    Thanks for sharing your finger painting, your happy mail, your fish paintings, and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. your watercolor fish is super adorable! Love seeing what you and your friends art up when you're together. the finger painting bouquets turned out beautifully-and what fun! Wow-what generous and gorgeous gifts from blogging friends too. Happy T day!

  6. Now that really is happy mail, Deb and Valerie are so thoughtful - what wonderful gifts you received :-) . It looks like you had so much fun spending time with your friend and the finger painting! The fishes for your grandson are so bright and cheery, I'm sure he will love them. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  7. what an amazing post-and you gals are just having way too much fun lol
    Loved all of your happy mail-the beads are stunning
    Love visiting to see what you are doing-your fish birthday card will be too cute when completed.
    Happy T day Kathy

  8. Finger painting is calling my name. That sounds like an enjoyable -even therapeutic- art form. :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Cool fish! And those fingerpaintings are a real wow and look like lots of fun.

  10. You certainly had a busy week. The flowers you painted are so cheery and colorful. I look out the window and everyting is white, white, white. The fish is adorable. And thank you for sharing your mail. Wow! Such beautiful things.

  11. Love the fingerpaintings! Busy-busy lady. Great post! :)

  12. Wow Krisha, what a post. Youhad some fun painting and some fun mail gifts:) Sounds like it was a really good week for sure. happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  13. Goodness Krisha what a news filled post. The big fish is looking great and lovely and colourful. It looks as if you and your friends had a great day together. The finger painting looked fun and what beautiful paintings you all produced. You also had some great happy mail during the week. Wishing you another happy one. Barbxx

  14. Wow! What a great playtime you all had…and what wonderful results!! Love your happy mail! Oh and the fish - they are all brilliant! Happy T day! Chrisx

  15. Wow! That was a post and a half! You have been busy and you have had fun. I loved the finger painting. What a fun ideaa. The resulting pictures are fab.
    How sweet of Valerie to send you those beautiful things. The beads are so lovely and the Klimt tag is stunning, I agree. The journal cover has a wonderful colour and texture. You lucky girl.
    Oh and I almost forgot your fish. They are so cute.
    Happy T-Day,

  16. So much eye candy today! that finger painting session looks like it was really fun, and the paintings turned out beautifully. Marvelous goodies from Deb and Valerie, and love your tag with the ladies in hats! happy T day! ♥

  17. what a post of treasures! so good you have paint pals, i´m sure that was great fun! and i LOVE your watercolor fish!!! so joyful.
    happy belated t-day!

  18. What a fun-filled post! Your fish are delightful, Krisha. And finger painting - what fun. Your PP paintings look sort of Van Gogh-ish, don't they? What a treasure trove you found in your mailbox. I love Deb's postcard and the package from Valerie is a treasure chest in itself. I hope she will share how she added all the metallic to that gorgeous Gustav Klimt tag. Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  19. I don't know how i did it Krisha... but somehow i missed you on T day....!!! I'm so sorry! AND you even gave me a ahoutout!! Thanks so much girlfriend.. What an incredible post for T!! You are one busy lady... I don't know where to begin to comment so i'll just say your talent and that of your friends amazes me!! Happy Belated T day! Hugs! deb