Sunday, January 29, 2012

First page of my journal.....

My poor tattered journal is starting a new life.  As I stated, when blogged my cover, it had gotten wet and thought to be ruined.  I had torn off the bottoms of all the pages because they were I am saying they are ready for reconstruction!!!!! LOL  For page one I continued the tattered look all around the outer edges of the page.  Using various stamps I did the lay-out with black ink.  With my trusty pom poms I smudged different inks onto the page, gave it almost an air brushed look........air brush!!!! I HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!!   Since this was the first page with Tim Holt's sentiment about time I really did not want the back pages to be peeking around the edges so I used a decorative paper to back the tattered page.  Using a felt pen I gave the dragonflies a motion, added a clock face from an old watch and a metal dragonfly charm and called in DONE!      I am finding that working in my journal to be quite relaxing and rewarding since it is about me and what ever I want to put on the page..........if it doesn't work I tear the page out and begin again.  I might end up with a two page journal.......ROTFLOL!!  Thanks for taking a look at what was wondering around working up my Mojo Saturday morning!         


  1. thanks for the inspiration--I'm working on a little art project too.