My Art Journal

Wow! with so may tutorials on restuctured paper, collages and mixed media back grounds over on the Gingersnapblog , (click on tutorial guide at the top) I drew enough inspiration to work on an art journal.  This poor thing was bought on sale a couple years ago, think it was supposed to be for scrap booking, but I could not turn away from this sale item, even though I use 12 x 12s for my scrap booking.  I mean this was a hard back, wire bound album with tons of blank white paper in it for about $5.00!!  So it sat around here until last summer when I carried it to work in my lunch bag, and a bottle of water leaked on it, then the bottom of the cover and all the pages got wet and moldy!!  So I hit it with some bleach water and tore off the bottoms of all the pages that were damaged.........then it sat around here for 4 more months.  Now the front cover looks like this:

 I took the Gingersnap GC135 challenge to use my favorite designer paper.  Well there was no way I could put my favs on one card so I pulled out the neglected album and began to cover it, using glue and decoupage to get the many layers on it.........LOVE my layers!!  I did add 2 stamped images that have been in my ready to go stash for............oh some time.  I know from experience that the edges would get worn so I trimmed it with a thin sheet of metal, just stronger than tin foil.  I did cover the inside, but that photo won't upload for some reason.  I still have the back cover to finish..........still have lots of favorite designer paper to use for it.  I'm such a paper hoarder!!!  Check out the challenge at:
They also have other challenges you might be interested in joining too.


Gorgeous vintage feel, the flowers and colours make me think of a hot summer's day
Tee hee, what a journey this journal has already been on! A gorgeous way to use your fave papers. Thanks for sharing once again with Gingersnap Creations.