Thursday, July 12, 2012

Old School Stamp and Scratch

So, I've been cleaning and organising a lot of stamp and scrap book stuff, and came across some Stamp and Scratch paper :)  Of course I immediately stopped cleaning and organising, grabbed a stamp and embossing powder and began to play.....LOL.  So it was stamped and embossed with gold then I set about scratching off the areas I wanted the color to show through, (now this takes some time). Then the black looked so flat I scratched a grid pattern. Since this has a plastic backing it tends to warp when you heat it with the embossing gun (bummer)  Okay, so now I have this thing all scratched off and wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it, it would not lay flat. A HA! I used some foam spacers and put it on a card.  Well, then card looked flat and boring.  I didn't want to use any background paper 'cause it would show through the scratched areas, yes it is transparent.  So I grabbed a felt pen and continued the grid through the card( got a little off is a couple of spots LOL)  I added stickers for the word art.  The stamp is Magenta.  I still haven't gotten back to organising and cleaning the craft area of this room.  Went out to the garage to find some divided boxes (DH has tons of these things) Well, one thing leads to an other and I almost have the garage cleaned up now.  Yep, found more boxes than I really need, so I've decided to leave some for DH too LOL!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at some old school.

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