Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WOYWW 183-Journal & Panic

Left side of Betsy: pile of Christmas paper, card in the making, items with a coat of Gesso.........

The center of Betsy: Items that received a coat of Gesso and art journal, paint along the sides waiting for use...........

To the right of Betsy: More items drying, a tag card almost finished, bowl of chip board items that may or may not get used............

Center front of Betsy: My art journal page I did while waiting for Gesso and paint to dry, while watching a couple of Christmas movies (I have to watch them EVERY year)

 So what are all these silly pictures all about? Why it's Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday!!!! Well it is in the UK and Julia gets things all set up for SUPER SNOOPING around the world.   Just drop by:Julia Dunnit's Blog 

Beware of the addiction this causes! It has been two weeks since I have gotten to play and I am telling you the with drawls are not a pretty thing to deal with LOL!  I mean, here I am blogging away and all those items are now dry.  The long white rectangles are (or will be) Christmas presents as well as the little trinket box........that is where the PANIC part of my title comes in. Plus 6 months of pictures to get into an album, PLUS I received my FIRST Christmas card today. (oh please tell me those are not little hooves prancing on my roof....No! No! not yet! Oh, it's just the dog wanting out...)  But check it out for yourself........


  1. hahaha, good thing it was just the dogs! Yes it will be here before we know it! Enjoy the season!
    hugs Lynn

  2. Guess what? I am in the same boat as you are. So far behind that I think I might give up and just buy my cards this year. I too have visions of little hooves on the rooftop - in fact heard a bang or two and thought it was Santa's sledge bumping down.
    Thanks for all the busy busy views of Betsy - great journal you are doing.
    Thanks for the visit - Hugs, Neet xx 46

  3. Thanks for visiting and it would seem we're all in a panic this year. I'm not sure I will get all I want to do finished but I'm gonna have a good try, even if it means silly o'clock bedtimes !!
    Tricia #66

  4. Now, now, no panicking! Either it gets done, or it doesn't... why worry?! (Yeah, I know, doesn't work, does it?)

    Beautiful snowflake die-cuts on Betsy, and it looks as though lots of Christmassy things are under way... Thanks for your visit and happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  5. Come Boxing Day you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about! Lots of lovely stuff going on on your desk today. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @1)

  6. We all panic but don't beat yourself up. Enjoy the day.

    I love your art journal. Very pretty.

    I too like to watch all the holiday movies. Especially the mushy predictable ones.

    Belinda (73)

  7. Oh just be naughty and save Santa the trip, then you don't have to worry! lol I'm still working on getting family cards out...if they get them before the 25th, then I'm happy! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  8. LOL! Great stuff on your desk! Really cool WOYWW page! I have resolved not to panic this year. I don't have a thing done for Christmas other than my cards are pretty much made. Not sent out yet though. I can always sent out a few store bought cards. Gift cards are on my shopping list. LOL

  9. gosh! that's an early xmas card!
    love your WOYWW sign :)
    thanks for stopping by - and yes, i think poe's got a lot to answer for - poor ravens :(
    Have a great WOYWW!
    no. 8

  10. Great fun projects on your desk this week ! Love your journal page ! have a fun week with all you have underway ! Ali #9

  11. Your art journal page is ace, what a brilliant idea.

    Thanks for visiting the bears this week. :)

  12. I love a busy work space :). Thanks for stopping by mine :).


  13. Well I can't help but love that page, what a fab entry for your journal. Ah Krisha, a gal after my heart...a bowl of chip shapes that may or may not get used........I love that, but I bet if you don't use them, you'll find a home for them instead of letting them just float about your desk for weeks!!

  14. Wow! Lots going on here. Great to see such crativity and bustle. Thanks for stopping by, keep up the great work! Lucy #18 x

  15. Hi Krisha thanks for the visit loving the look of your desk...we could all do with an extra fortnight between now and the big day! Love how you've hung your scissors and the die cut snowflakes on your desk. Happy crafting, hugs Erika.

  16. Thanks for visiting, funny how christmas always creeps up on us all every year!

    Have a great weekend

    Jan S 95

  17. (I'm not making cards, if that makes you feel any better?)

    Gotta watch those Christmas movies, oh yes, I'm so with you on that!

    #100 this week
    and making my woyww rounds a little late!

  18. Ha,ha, isn't is amazing how Christmas appears every year, I think they must change the date on us!! Love the WOYWW journal, what are you going to put in it?

    Brenda 79

  19. Hmmm.... Your last couple of lines made me laugh. I have a saying about how when hear the sound of hooves most people thing horses, the exotic think zebras, but I think satan! You mentioned reindeer, so I think this time of year, that could be an option!

    Good luck controlling the panic and getting it all done!!!! You can do it! I can do it too... especially if I hire some child labor. Hm, too bad the cats can't write.

  20. Had fun checking out all your fun projects...your desk is busy for sure!

  21. Huh your desk is really busy - so much stuff on there! Thank you for letting us all have a peek!
    Lots of hugs,

  22. I am having a very late visit around this week! thanks for poppy by and happy late WOYWW! Lindsay #92
    BTW nice WOYWW zentangle sign!