T Stands for a New Day

No that cup of coffee is only there for this photo.
Hello there, welcome to T Stands for Tuesday and a NEW day! 

This is my second go at this post, first time I was telling you about the Monday from hell.  Reread it, and hit the delete button.  It's over and done with, had a good nights sleep and now IT'S  A NEW DAY.  Good hot coffee, good cool morning and great friends to share it with!  This is even a picture from this morning (since I didn't ready this post last night, as usual)

No great plans for today, just get the laundry done (pulled all the winter bedding off), get to the gym, pay some bills.......you know the usual mundane, everyday life stuff. Maybe even some craft time while waiting on the washer and dryer. LOL

So now I'm off to visit the TEA PARTY, with a fresh cup of coffee in hand.
Thanks for the visit.
Inky Hugs Krisha


Yep, it's a really new day, especially since I see CHRISTMAS in the photo (grin).

I've had days like that, and yesterday was one for me, too. I got so hot walking from the parking lot to the hospital, I nearly passed out. Heat and I don't get along at ALL.

Thanks for sharing a better day today for T. Now I'm off to see your hands.
Nancy said…
Happy Tuesday :) sometimes it's great to write it down just so you CAN hit that delete button and start the week off again! Have a great day and I hope you get some crafty time :)
Nan G said…
Love the mug! Hope your day goes well. Hugs
Crystal Komara said…
Hi Krisha,

It's been a while! I love the fact that you deleted your initial Monday post when you awoke the next morning and decided to have a better outlook on things. It's amazing what sleeping on something can do for the soul! Happy T-day.

SSG #1
Darla said…
Nothing like a good nights sleep to end a bad day and start a new good one. Sounds like you will be busy.

~*~Patty S said…
What a difference a day can make
yes indeed where would we be without a "delete" button ;)

Your photo says it all and your mug makes me giggle...

Hope today is a good day for you
Happy T Day
and tomorrow and the next day too!
Dianne said…
You go girl! yes, definitely should create while waiting on the laundry! so sorry Monday was a bummer, but glad you are bouncing back...great attitude! happy T Tuesday!
Rita said…
Yes, a new day! I did wash yesterday. Today I'm back to cleaning and organizing. Happy T-Day!! :)
Linda Kunsman said…
So happy to be joining you on a new and brighter day! Nice that you could vent about yesterday then release it and let it go. Have a beautiful rest of this day!
Not sure what was up yesterday, but it was not a good day for me either! Glad it only lasted a day, too!

I think I am enjoying reading GOT almost more than watching it!
Ariel said…
Hope not just this day, but the entire week will turn out to be awesome for you.
Vicki Miller said…
we all have days like that. In fact, I am having lots of them at the moment, but I like the thought. It's a new day!
a new day, clean laundry & coffee! whoop whoop! :) happy t tuesday :)
dawn said…
I love that we have a new day to begin again, hit that delete button and make this day a better one. Wishing you a great week filled with laughs and love and GLITTER!! LOVE THE MUG!

Happy T Day a day late!
Denise Price said…
What a great phrase on your coffee cup! I hope you had a great T Day (and perhaps got to use some glitter while you waited for your laundry to finish), and I hope that the rest of your week is also going well.