Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WOYWW 259 One more to go!!!

If I wasn't putting a count on each post I would think there were two Wednesdays back to back!  But we are counting it down and only ONE more week before the biggest, baddest, boldest, desker anniversary for Queen of the deskers Ms. Julia (who Dunnit at the Stamping Ground).  It will be her 5th anniversary and all the ATC will fly around the world in her honor.

So for #259 Betsy is rather quiet, being "bumped" out a bit by a sick GD this week.  While Megan was napping I stole away for a secret meeting with Betsy and got my Journal 52 page started.  So to the right is the book I bought at the Dollar store (yes I did read it, and now I know why it was at the Dollar store), paint brush, gesso, J52 page a Moo form Trisha too, pencil, glue stick and scissors. 

Along the back are two ATCs I have received from across the pond, yes I am keeping them hidden, but I did want to show off the beautiful card that came with one of them.  I will show off everything, including a better look at this card and give credit to those who sent them, a little later.  For now this is just a sneak peek.........LOL

I still have 5 extra ATC if you are interested in trading with me, give me a shout at
lmogle1950 at yahoo dot com.

Having a 4 year old, that is contagious, but not feeling sick can make a grandma's mojo work double time.  Here is proof
Megan's wall of fame

top painting
Megan learning to swing standing up
Megan painted the pot, the flowers are toilet paper rolls cut and taped together
then she painted them and chose the flower buttons for the centers

and of course she wanted you to see her cheesy face with the flowers for her Mommy.

I have Megan again tomorrow, as I am writing this Tuesday night, while there is time....LOL  I'll be late getting around to the desks, and returning visits.  Last week I ran short of time because of the BBQ competition ( you can see the pics HERE)  So I am sorry if I didn't get back to visit all who dropped by.
Inky Hugs


  1. An, but those book covers are PRICELESS. I wish I could find something for a dollar that wasn't paperback. I see you are working on book pages (grin).

    Megan is quite the artist. Being contagious, but not sick, can put a big damper on you. I hope YOU don't get whatever she has. No number yet, but you know where I live!!

  2. How special..crafty time with G Ma and quite an artist. Well done. Carole #52

  3. Hi Krisha thank you for popping by and yes I would love to swap with you. I love the cheesy grin photo. I bet Mum was really pleased with her happy flower pot. Many of my friends love spending time with their Grandchildren crafting. Many and old punch or antique paper collection is finding a new lease of life with these tiny crafters! Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 68

  4. not much wrong with GM s mojo if you ask me.... Megans either .... love the flowers hope she is better soon.
    janet #24

  5. looks like she is having a great time with grandma hope Megan feels better soon ,and that is a fab cheesy smile photo .nearlly forgot Your page looks ace love the colours used and use of printed pages /text I do like this look and hope you get to do some more and we get to see some more soon .
    have great week crfaty hugs andrea#45

  6. Page background looks real good! And is that your right or my left? giggle....I know 'brain fart'. Cute flowers made by GD. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #10

  7. We can see who Megan gets her craftiness from! Have a great time together, and a lovely week. Chris # 17 xx

  8. The background looks great. Would love to trade an ATC with you next week. Diane #55

  9. The background looks great. Would love to trade an ATC with you next week. Diane #55

  10. Love your start on the Journal 52 page! I'm doing those challenges too and need to get my book page done! Cute kiddo drawings! Thanks for visiting my blog for WOYWW! ~Sandy #84

  11. Love Megan's Wall of Fame and I love her smile at the end.
    Haha - I espy an envelope like one I have tucked away so guess we both may have a similar atc to open next week.
    Hugs, Neet 18 xx

  12. I saw your page coming in via the newer post since I'm late to WOYWW and it is sensational, Krisha! As are the art work and flower pot and photos of Megan! What a cutie pie! I can sure see that she inherited your artistic talent, wow!!

    We are exchanging ATCS, right? I will email you ... Have a great week and thanks for coming by to visit me! Hugs, Darnell #29

  13. Hi Krisha, I just received your lovely ATC and I am thrilled to add it to the woyww collection. Love the masterboard idea. Clever girl to your little Megan she has done a great job with those flowers.