T Stands for A Bunny Lunch

No I didn't have a bunny for lunch.....LOL! I am having my morning coffee ( black as usual) in my new cup I won in the drawing last Friday.    This is the second one I've won *grin*
I belong to a group of women called the Bakersfield Bucket List Bunnies, a group of women (45 an older).  When you join the group you get to make a "bucket" list of 5 things you would like to do....within reason, and it gets put in a plastic egg and thrown into a hopper.  Each month they draw an egg and that bucket list is read and decided on which of the 5 items the group/or individuals want do.  THAT is how I ended up taking golf lesson this summer....it was on Mary's bucket list and I volunteered to join her.  We also have a guest speaker each month.....this month it was on life insurance....a little late for most of us who have been around long enough to know we need it...LOL!
The first Friday of each month we have a luncheon.  The place we were having our luncheons closed....fantastic place but not a good location....third business not to make it there. :( 
Photo of Chalet Basque Restaurant - Bakersfield, CA, United States

Chalet Basque is our new Sponsor  for this year and this is where we are now having our luncheons.  ( there is a long story on how we ended up here.....but maybe more about that an other time)This area has quite a few Basque restaurants, to be honest this is not my favorite Basque restaurant.  It needs a make-over really bad, very dark and dreary on the inside, the prices are high and the service is not consistent. Last month our luncheon was a disaster....semi cold food, not nearly enough food was served and we were constantly asking for more....they had one server for nearly 40 women.

I am a person that will give any place a second chance, but swore I would not be attending the luncheons if we had a repeat!  I am GLAD to say Friday's lunch was top notch.  We had multi servers, the food was hot and freshly made, and it all ran like clock work!......but the place is still dark and dreary....except the banquet room we get to use.  I just hope they keep it top notch, or I'll be eating at Taco Bell....LOL!

Photo of Chalet Basque Restaurant - Bakersfield, CA, United States. First course: vegetable soup (add your own beans and salsa to taste) and bread

The first course, at any Basque restaurants in this area is always the best cabbage and vegetable soup, beans, salsa and fresh bread.  Everything is served  Family Style..........and yes, everybody I know puts the beans in the soup, mine also gets a lot of salsa...*grin*

Photo of Chalet Basque Restaurant - Bakersfield, CA, United States. Lunch Setup $8.95/person served family style

This is what comes with a traditional set-up ( no Entrées)  there are a few that serve different veggies but this is normally what you get.  Entrées are the meat dishes that vary form fried chicken ( which is what we get at our luncheons) to lamb, beef stew, pork chops and with an Entrée you get pickled tong.  I miss the pickled tong at our luncheons  I guess our $20/plate isn't enough to warrant us getting that.  :(  Like I said they are way over priced! NOTE: We always pay $20 for each luncheon, but our luncheons are usually very well worth the money, and there is a bit that goes to the BBLB to help keep it running, so we don't scream about it.

After each luncheon we take a group photo. 
There is always somebody taking photos, this time Jamie caught me!
I thought I would share this little internet map of the Basque region.  The "corn dog" post taught me that not all my blogger friends have tasted the types of food we have around here.  AND that is why this post is so long and full of food pictures!
So now I am off to join Elizabeth and the T-gang to see what everyone else is eating and drinking this week.


I've had corn dogs, but have never even HEARD of the Basque region. And I am not sure what a tong is, but I would probably not know it if it sat up and bit me! Of course, the food, although it looked OK, was not worth that much money, except the part that went to help run the club.

LOVE that bucket list bunny. Much cuter than the playboy bunny! Congrats on the win.

Back to the food, I would enjoy the soup, especially since it is vegetarian. Thanks for sharing this new experience with us for T this week. I look forward to reading more about why this restaurant was chosen for an entire year.
That sounds like an amazing group. I think trying new things is usually exciting, and that is a fun way to do it. And your lunch looks yummy. I have never tried basque food, mainly because we don't have any basque restaurants in my area. I have visited Spain, but not the Basque area, but it looks like something I would enjoy eating. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika
Valerie-Jael said…
Sounds like you have a lot of fun with that great group of ladies, love the idea of fulfilling your dreams!Your mug is fun, and the food looks so tasty. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie
johanna said…
i think it is great being within this Group of bakersfield ladies and the photo of you is so beautiful! well, not sure if i would like to go to this Location, but esp as i can´t eat beans, lentils, corn and similar stuff because of my colitis. but good your second experience was better than the first (though pricey indeed!).
happy t-day, krisha!
Meggymay said…
It sounds like a lovely group to be involved in, you all look so happy together.
Great idea to have the bucket list and the mug of course looks super.
Happy T day
Yvonne xx
It seems like you have had a lot of fun with that group of women- you look very happy - a fun mug is this and the food looks so tasty. Happy T Day
Barb said…
Love the group photo of the "ladies who lunch". It sounds as if your happy group has lots of fun. We had a similar experience with our craft club lunch last Christmas. It was very disappointing but we didn't give them a second chance. Glad your meal was good on your second visit.

Congratulations on winning the fun mug. That looks like a super collectable. Barbxx
Linda Kunsman said…
What a fun group to be a part of-wish we had something like that around here!I just made a cabbage vegetable soup last week. I'm somewhat familiar with Basque cooking-it does have a lot of Spanish influence.Glad you were able to enjoy it all this time. Happy T day!
Darla said…
Your group sounds like a lot of fun. Like that pic of you! I've had Basque food on a couple of occasions and both were somewhere near your area. Well, south of me off of I-5 anyhow, LOL! There is a Basque restaurant in S.F. that gets good reviews and I'd like to try it sometime.
Wow, what a wonderful group to join, you must have so much fun together working through your bucket lists - fabulous! Congratulations on your second win - woo hoo! :-). Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)
Halle said…
What a great idea of a group! I'm going to have to write that down for future reference. Not that I like leadership roles but I do have a few friends that do and I'm sure I could put a bug in their ears. :) Get it....ears LOL!!
Happy T day!
jinxxxygirl said…
Well like Elizabeth i have never heard of the Basque region so i really appreciated the map . That sounds like a great group of ladies to be a part of.. I'am sorry your luncheons haven't bee the best at this new place... At $20 if it wasn't up to par i'd be visiting Taco Bell too! lol But like you i'm always willing to give a place a second chance or lets just say it would have to be pretty darn bad for me not to give them a second chance... :) Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb
~*~Patty S said…
What a fun group you are and a generous number getting together too!
I felt for that poor server taking care of 40 women.
That was a dirty trick for the restaurant to play on them.
Nice that they tried harder to get it right this time around.
I would have been a happy camper with just that yummy soup!
Cute pic of you Krisha. Love your color style.
Happy T Day to ya oxo
Lisca said…
Congratulations on winning the mug. You now have matching ones I suppose. It sounds like a really fun group. What was drawn out of the hat this time?
Basque bean soup is really yummy. I have been to the Basque country and can vouch for that. But yes, that does sound expensive. Especially as beans are the cheapest food ever, as are bread, chips and salad. Did you know that they don't speak Spanish in Basque country but their own language? They speak Euskara, which sounds and looks weird. Most Basques are separatists and want to be independent. Some of the extreme ones have caused a lot of trouble. Their 43 year armed campaign (read: acts of terrorism) ended 5 years ago and since then there have been no casualties as far as I know.
What a lovely photo of you. I love your hair!
Happy T-Day and thank you for visiting,
Have a good week,
Wow! What fun - looks like a great bunch! Glad you had some fun! Chrisx
Cardarian said…
Thank you for commenting on my blog - I have been away for such a long time! I love this group you belong to and the bucket list "game" I would love to belong to such a group! I have moved to England now after retirement to live with my partner and really miss some sort of socialising with women!
Lots of hugs,