Sunday, November 6, 2016

AJJ Twofer NO, NO, NO!

I hope everybody is having a delightful and crafty day, thanks for stopping by.
Like the title of this post?  Yep! It is a double entry for the Art Journal Journey challenge of No faces, No, leaves and No wings.....BUT COLLAGE, .brought to us this month by art journal master....or is it mistress?
 So I had a grand "playtime" yesterday.  I was really working two journals at the same time, and got a little carried away with the paint on this one and covered all the collage.....LOL!  I do love to muck about with my paint and inks.  I knew "what" I wanted to do before I got so carried away, so a different avenue I had to take.  I chose a sheet of vellum, very thin and as transparent as I could find....tore the edges and then sprayed the back with spray adhesive.....then plopped it on the page.  A little Washi tape for the boarder and then the time piece was added.  Since it is a NO face challenge, I put the hands in different positions as to NOT make a clock FACE....LOL!
I added the letters-time- and went around them with paint to make them stand out, and did the same thing with the TH clock die.  The die cut was taken from a black piece of card stock that I had been mopping up the extra paint with.  The other words, at the bottom were just hand written with a Sharpie.......if you couldn't tell.....*grin*
Now this second journal page is not the second journal page I was working on at the same time as the first journal that?
This journal page was just for giggles.  I started a "clean up" of my space and was picking things up off the floor that had missed the trash can.  For what ever reason my MOJO had me glue them randomly on a page with a little paint smeared on it. I've always wanted to play around with ransom note lettering, so I found an old magazine as started hunting for my letters.  The page was soooooo busy the letters got lost, so I went around them with a couple Faber-Castell  Pitt brush markers blending out the colors.  These pens are great things to have, they will blend while still wet, but are permanent when dry......and they are transparent too!

So What's On Your Floor????


  1. On the face of things you now have me confused....when is a face not a face?! Love your journal pages, thanks o much for joining us again at AJJ, much appreciated. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh Squeal!!! I loVe these! Since I moved by bin I don't miss any more - not that many of mine get to the bin very quickly they just mount up somehow!! As for your 'not a face' clock - it is brilliant!! Hugs, Chrisx

  3. Two good questions. I often wonder where the time goes. Great pages!

  4. Both pages totally speak to me! Great Krisha!
    Yes - time flies much too fast !
    Thanks a lot for two super pages to the No No No theme!
    You rock!
    Happy new week ahead !
    oxo Susi

  5. Two wonderful crafted pages, different technique but both with great design.
    Dear greetings

  6. Great pages Krisha. Loving the what's on your floor is a great idea. It makes a great idea for a collage. Happy new week. Hugs-Erika

  7. I'm with Valerie and a bit confused, too. OK, for serious things, I love the second one, because I'm working on something using bits and pieces of scraps. I like yours better than mine, though. Great JOB!!

  8. First of all I love your title, very appropriate and fun.
    Both of these are terrific, I love the clear design of the first (and the colours) and all the bits which come together on the second.
    I like the ransom note lettering too.

  9. Great pages! I'm not sure where the time goes, I can't beleive it's November already. You had such lovely pieces on your floor and I'm so glad you got to use them to create this marvellous page! I checked my floor and there's nothing to use, I tend to keep all of my scraps in a tin. I tend to use them for my journal's index page - such fun! Have a great week! J :-)

  10. They are both great, Krisha! I love your just-for-giggles design and the time page is so profound ~ I think it's genius how you did the hands! I only wish you could have answered the question, lol!! Hugs, Darnell

  11. Beautiful collage pages Krisha, love them!!