T Stands for First Post this Year

SURPRISE! and Hello everyone popping in from Elizabeth's Tuesday's T-Party , and any other passer-bys. It definitely has been a long while since I attended the weekly T-day parties.  I have lurked about and looked through the window many times, but never left any messages since I have not post to this blog.  I'm thrilled to see so many still attending the parties.

As custom states this should be a drink or food based posted, and since I remembered to start this post earlier than Tuesday........like Monday evening!! I am indulging is a glass of wine as I bang away on the keys of my laptop.

I fell Labor Day weekend and ended up with a torn muscle in my right shoulder, but didn't know it until the end of October when the pain wouldn't go away. I went to orthopedic Dr., got x-rays, then a MRI of soft tissue........surgery was set for November 20th.......just before Thanksgiving.  Even though I was in a sling, we went to San Diego for that holiday.  Now I'm right handed, so that made things very interesting......needless to say I didn't have to do a thing for the Thanksgiving meal LOL!
It did make Christmas shopping difficult until I found that I can use the computer mouse with my left hand........and Amazon delivers to the door! In fact, I found out just how much I CAN do left handed.
I was supposed to be in the sling for 6 weeks, at the end of week 4 I took it off. All I did was sit and watch TV anyway, and by then it made sleeping difficult to say the least. My first checkup, at week two he instructed me to do a few stretches....which I was faithful in doing......and adding a few more of my own.
 I've been back to the Dr., he told me to start using it, and he has put me in physical therapy, which will start tomorrow afternoon.  I'm doing really good, but the pain comes toward the end of the day as I have been using it.  I spent 6 weeks thinking "Don't use your right arm".....now I have to remind myself to use it....LOL! The milestones and goals have been crazy.......like butting on your bra by yourself.....getting dressed without help......getting your hand up to your face......getting a pair of jeans on.......and then getting them buttoned......tying your shoes.......and the list goes on.  My new goal is to be able to fix my hair.....not quite there yet, maybe next week. BUT I have been driving short distances and that has kept me somewhat sane.
I have to give my Hubby the biggest HIGH FIVE!  He was a total champ at helping me and caring for me.......but he does not know how to put a bra ON a woman.....LOL!

I have started creating cards again, sorry no pictures this post.....I haven't gotten them scanned.  I joined a card making group on FB and have been delighted in finding people who still make and send them.  So this is keeping me busy.....and helping use my arm, as I can't hold a paint brush yet. :(

We FINALLY have our house started! YEAH!!  It should be finished in a couple of months, as there wasn't much done through the holidays. I'll try to get photos posted in upcoming posts.  I'm trying not to get too excited.....but it is so darn hard  not to!  Now that I can use my arm, somewhat, I am going to start packing up some of the things we have used here.

Well, that's the short of it....shoulder is saying "enough" for this week.
I'll try to make it by to see everyone over coffee in the morning!


kathyinozarks said…
So nice to see you-please don't overdo my Mom when when she was with us years ago had shoulder surgery-I know it is really difficult-I stayed with her for a few weeks til she could manage more on her own enjoy being able to use it again-hugs Kathy
I was thrilled to see you back, Krisha. You have no idea how much I missed you. I was thinking about you a couple of days ago and before that wished I had your address so I could send you a Christmas card.

I was sorry to read about your fall and ensuing surgery. My friend Sally, when she had her shoulder socket replaced (like knee surgery only on the shoulder), she bought some one piece bras that she could slip over her head. She also got out a lot of her shoes that didn't require tying, and jeans with elastic waists. Of course, she knew she was getting the surgery, so was able to plan ahead. I applaud you and your husband for your hard work.

It's good you are making cards. It will keep your mind and your hands busy. And you are good at making them, too.

That glass of wine looks inviting. Thanks for sharing it and your return to T with us at T this Tuesday.
Valerie-Jael said…
Greta to see you around again, hope your arm is soon completely healed and makes no more problems. Happy T Day, Valerie
Iris Flavia said…
I broke my right arm (a long time ago) and had to use my left hand for over six months.
Ever since I mix up left and right. But certainly men assume I do this "beacause I´m a woman" ;-)

Hope the pain will go away soon, best wishes and happy T-day.
Glad to see you back for T, or wine in your case, for T this week. Sorry to hear about the arm, but glad to hear it is on the mend. And how exciting about the new house. Happy 2020! Hugs-Erika
jinxxxygirl said…
Krisha!!! So excited to see you woman!!! Sometimes all it takes is one thing and it really knocks you out of commission .. Geesh.. kinda like losing the water in your house.... can't wash dishes or clothes or yourself or ..or.. So glad to hear you are on the mend and you are back to creating.. Missed you!Hugs! deb
So pleased to see you back at the T Party! I do hope that you are fully recovered soon, sending you healing thought and wishes 😁. Happy T Day and all the best for 2020! Hugs, Jo x
Linda Kunsman said…
well, look who is back in da house!!! Great to see you here again Krisha! Sorry to hear about your shoulder but it sounds like you are taking good care and doing all you need to do to recuperate at 100%. Looking forward to seeing your card art. Happy T day!
Rita said…
So glad to see a post but so sorry to hear how badly things have been going on the body front. :( Hope all goes well with the house and that you get to make lots of cards when you are up to it. :)
I'm so sorry to hear of your shoulder injury. Those can make for a difficult recovery, and I'm happy to hear you are coming along so well. The house project sounds exciting! Happy T Tuesday :)
CJ Kennedy said…
Sorry to hear about your shoulder, but sounds like you are on the mend. Hooray for meeting milestones like putting on your own bra and tying your shoes. ✋The card making group sounds like an excellent addition to your physical therapy. So here's to better things in 2020. I love your festive wine glass, too.
Meggymay said…
Its good to see you back reading about how you coped with your arm out of action made me think back to my escapade when i broke mine.
I hope the coming year will be a good one foe you and that your shoulder heals well.
Happy T day wishes.
Yvonne xx
Eileen Bergen said…
So nice to see you again, Krisha, and glad to hear you're "coming out of the woods" from your injury. I know about hubbies trying to help wives get their bras ON. I broke my dominant arm elbow two weeks before our son's wedding. Getting into the mother-of-the-groom outfit was like a Laurel and Hardy skit.

Wishing you better health in 2020 an more T-parties.

Happy T-day! Eileen xx
Kate Yetter said…
A lot certainly has happened. It is good to hear that you are on the mend and almost back to normal. Recovery certainly takes time. I had a giggle at your hubby not knowing how to put a bra on.
Glad that you are able to make some cards. They are always hand to have available.
Happy Tea Day,
I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder, but it sounds like you took charge of the recovery situation. It's nice to see you at the tea party, so I hope you return again. Happy T-Day!
So pleased to see you here Krisha! Sorry to read of the injury and hope your recovery continues at a good rate ! Looking forward to seeing photos of your house! Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx