Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WOYWW 205 "The DROP zone"

Here we go again.......It's WOYWW time!!!! Check the deets about this outrageous hopping from blog to blog here: what-is-woyww.  Our hostess Mrs. Dunnit or Queen Julia has things set up for you to participate.

So Betsy has seen some action, mostly yesterday and today (I'll explain further below for anyone interested) What you are looking at is how things were "dumped" on her this morning before I went to the Urgent Care (see below) Everyone has voted for the WOYWW letters to remain, so they shall for a while, or until I tire of them....LOL All around the perimeter are the standard tools and toys I feel I need at my finger tips.  In the middle is my art journal that I have been priming for future use and stacked on that are a few DT images for up coming challenges, back ground papers, pencils and what-not.  Under the pile is an extra large clip board I use when I want to color in front of the TV  and of course the first thing I put on and the last thing I take off are my extra set of eye.  So that is it, short and sweet for those just nosing around (which is what it is all about LOL)
Love to read your comments. The journal page that was there last week will pop up this Friday, with lots of pictures and a detailed tutorial..... if your interested!!
Inky Higs

WARNING: stop  here! The following will most likely mke you feel sorry for me, OR will have you laughing until you cry, I really CAN do some stupid things!!!

I have finally gotten all four flower beds cleaned up, dug up flower bulbs and put them in pots, moved some things around, run wire from one palm tree to an other and planted two vining flowers ( hope to have a wall of orange Black Eyed Susan's later this summer) I laid down gardeners cloth in all the flower beds to keep the weeds out. Re-doing four large flower beds does take some time.  I even cleaned one out and planted tomatoes and Basil, with mint and rosemary going into pots........have to have my fresh herbs!!
OK, so why Urgent Care?  Weeelllll, yesterday morning I was putting in the last of the gardener's ground cloth, in the flower bed in the front yard.  I came off the porch, took and hard left and tripped on the garden hose and fell face first onto the concrete boarder of the flower bed!!  First thought:" my hand just hit cement".....Second thought:" Oh shit I'm gonna have a black eye".......Third thought: "get off the ground before the neighbors see you laying here." OUCH!!! I cried for about 20 minutes (after I got back in the house)  I landed on my left cheek and right hand.  My cheek has two nice scrapes and a dent.  My eyebrow is very sore too.  Once Mr. O. took a look and got me a cool clean cloth to press on my face I laid down for a few minutes. BUT I had to get that flower bed finished and a few more flowers planted before it rained (yeah, go figure) So I went back and finished, cleaned the mess up and laid on the sofa the rest of the day, then my right wrist started to swell.  I iced it down, and then wrapped it good and went to bed, and yes, my eye had turned black!
This morning my wrist had doubled in size and I was limited on some movements, but not a lot of pain.  Mr. O. wanted me to get to a Dr. and get it looked at and an X-RAY.  WELL! I called the Dr. that had did the surgery on it about 10 years ago, and they NO LONGER TAKE CASH!!! ONLY INSURANCE!!!  So I had to go to Urgent Care to get the X-RAY and have a Dr. read the X-RAY.
Nothing is broken, just a bad sprain, but the left side of my face is something else!  It has started to lighten up, under the eye already, but the eye lid and inside corner are still BLACK!! I do have pics, but they are on my cell phone. I'll get my cousin to use the camera tomorrow when she comes to visit, can't wait to see her reaction.........LOL I really do have a Hallween face! BUT my flower beds look super clean and so pretty with new flowers here and there.

OK, so enough about all that, if you have read THIS far you are really a great blog buddy, and thanks for letting me blog on and on!!!
Have a great week


  1. Stick to crafting; it is safer!!!

    I am so sorry to hear about your fall and I know you must be in a lot of pain. Don't worry about posting until you are healed.

    In my case, the flower bed could use some weeding with all the rain we have had. They will probably stay that way!

  2. So sorry to hear about your tumble. At least you can now lie down and admire the garden bed. These things do happen often to busy people who are always on the go . Hope all mends well.
    Sandra @12

  3. Gardening can be dangerous...ask me, done my back in! Should perhaps come with the warning...Don't try this at home! Accidents happen so fast and can have such horrid results. Glad nothing is broken, take it easy and recover soon. #30

  4. oh dear.... I did manage not to laugh as I can imagine the pain - glad nothing is broken. Take it easy... helen 5

  5. Oh Krisha - gardening should carry a Health Warning!! I once just had to finish a new pond feature because we had friends coming over, slipped, gashed my derriere and spent the afternoon in the ER and have a lovely scar for my pains. Well I hope all the bruises fade very quickly and I hope your wrist is back to normal very soon! Hugs and Happy WOYWW Cindy #59

  6. Oh Krisha
    you poor poor thing you must be hurting and your poor face, please do take things easy and rest up and rest that wrist. Sorry this comment is all about you but I want to send you gentle hugs
    Thanks for sharing your desk today, Happy WOYWW hope you have a great week
    Ria #42

  7. And that's why I don't garden!!! Seriously though, hope you're not in too much pain and that the wrist is feeling better soon. Happy WOYWW. Pam#23

  8. Hope you are on the mend

    Thanks for sharing your crafty space and have a great week

    Candace #64

  9. Oh Krisha, I'm so sorry you hurt yourself. Gardening is indeed hazardous - my 83 yr old mum broke her ankle weeding a flower bed. Betsy looks terrific, though. I can't wait to see your art journal and the tutorial sounds fun. Thanks for the hint about comments last time. xxx

  10. Oh Krisha - what a mess! You poor thing, sounds horrendous and made my tummy contract as I was reading. You need some Arnica ointment on that face to help with the bruising. Do hope you are a quick healer and that you look and feel better before too long. What on earth made you carry on gardening?

    Guess the desk will stay as it is for a few days yet. Just rest (and hopefully get waited on).

    Take care
    Hugs, Neet xxxx 18

  11. Sounds like a terrible ordeal.
    To reduce the bruising get Arnica cream. It works reallybwell to take away bruising. It reduces the length of time for the bruise to go away also.
    The brand I use here is Arnicare. Not sure for the US.
    Feel better soon.

  12. You poor thing. I hope you feel better soon. I didn't know gardening could be so dangerous. Happy crafting #1

  13. Hi Krisha I'm so sorry to laugh at your misfortune but you have made me smile.
    I bet your garden will look great I hadn't realised gardening could be do dangerous
    Rosie x

  14. OMG! I was just getting ready to shut down the machine and go to the garden center when I read your post...maybe I should put that off cause I have been wobbly ever since I woke up this morning. OUCH! sounds like you are really banged up! Take care of yourself. Hope you have a great week. Vickie #36

  15. So sorry for your roll in the daisys!! few years ago I was weeding my flowers and my great dane decided to run full blast and jum over me and the flowers, only problem, his big fat paw took off on my hand, broke a bone it it!!Thanks for sharing!Have a great week! and I hope your heal fast!Ginny #120

  16. Oh gosh what a tumble you took!! Hope your wrist gets better quickly. Few years back I went flat on my face. First though was - hope no one saw me fall etc etc. Then oh my word I'm going to look a right mess at 'the wedding' my son's. Cried and cried as I banged my teeth. All was well in end and I looked fine for wedding!!!!

  17. Oh dear...I've had a similar experience...what's surprising is the way we look around and hope no one saw us, then view the damage and hurt and feel bad. Get better and take care.

  18. Ouch to your injuries. Pooryou, hope you recover quickly. As for the WOYWW letters, yes, definitely keep them, they're so bright and cheery.

    Thanks for your earlier visit to the bears.

  19. Gosh, what a spill! Glad nothing is broken! I had a mishap last year in my garden with a tree root, and landed on my face. i look like someone beat me int he face with a club. Nothing broken, but I was scary. I have since spray painted the root a lovely shade of caution orange. Your desk looks fun! I would keep the letters too! Rest up, feel better. Thanks for the visit! Winnie#75

  20. OUCH may you feel better soon and there's nothing more sexy then a black eye or so I kept telling myself when I had one lol from stupidity not from a person lol Also watch out for those darn garden hoes they are not forgiving when you step on them wrong lol hugs Nikki #13

  21. Ok phew glad I'm not the only one who tried hard not to giggle......chuckle...we are a crazy lot when we want to get something done aren't we?! :) Do hope the healing is speedy. Take a pic and blow it up and use for your for real Halloween mask. Hugs to you and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #87

  22. Ouch Krisha! You poor thing. I did chuckle at the bit about jumping up incase the neighbours saw you! It's a funny thing we all do when we trip outside! It is the embarrassment bounce back!!! At least it means we are not too badly hurt. I hope you heal up fast and that now you have finished your gardening you can put your feet up! WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 94

  23. You poor thing. Gardening can be very dangerous. I poped my finger open building a rockery a few years ago. Finger between large rocks = mess.
    Great work space. Live the faces looking down at you x. Happy woyww. Mark.

  24. Wow - you and your garden hose had quite a fight. Sounds like the garden hose won! LOL I hope you heal quickly. Your red flowers with the yellow centers are adorable. And thank you for stopping by my blog.
    April #150

  25. Oh, Krisha! And for those of you who don't know me.. I'd be following in your footsteps going out to finish the task. LOL As mom's we don't have time to be down. Time is in short supply enough without us deducting it from our To Do list.

    Now that the beds are done, take it easy and play with the safer toys ;-)

  26. Glad I'm not the only only one who can fall flat on her face!! Poor you! Hope all is on the mend! I love the look of your work space and the WOYWW letter defo get my vote! Thanks for visiting!
    Sand #146 xx

  27. You are super busy and I can identify with your plight. I have done some similar things. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for visiting my blog and for you sweet comments>

  28. Oh, my oh my, Krisha, sounds like you have done yourself some real harm. Stunned that you went on to finish what you were doing ... that's the pioneer spirit coming out in you, methinks :) Hope you rest up a bit more and have a better week. Elizabeth x #53

  29. Oh, you poor thing, hope you are feeling better and am glad nothing was broken....except your pride, had a little giggle at not wanting the neighbors to see you! Thank you so much for stopping my blog, I appreciate YOU more than you know! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  30. Oh no you poor thing how awful, I admit though I had to giggle at the not wanting the neighbours to see. Love everything on your desk lots and lots to see. I love the flowers you are colouring they are gorgeous. Happy woyww :-) Kezzy xxx