T sTands for Today

Not much in the way of new and exciting here this week, even have a throw back picture, but it is what I am drinking as I write this post.  Just how many pictures do I need of a water bottle? LOL

Mother's Day weekend was great, Friday night we went to the stock car races, hadn't been to one of them in years.  I prefer the Famoso Drags, but this was a nice change. 

Mother's Day we went to our oldest son's house for a BBQ, the GDs swam for a short while.  The pool is still cold, but with the temperatures climbing to the triple digits this week it won't be much longer and even this grandma will be in the water.

This week starts the BBQ competition season for us.  This weekend will be our first competition and it is right here at home.....yah!  It will make it easier on us gals as we can come home at night, and the GDs can sleep in their own beds too.  Keep your fingers crossed in hopes that it is a good BBQ and we get a place in at least the top ten.

Off to bed now, it is late and it has been a long day around here.
Thanks to Elizabeth, the Altered Book Lover for gathering us all up for T Stands for Tuesday.
Inky Hugs


Bridget Larsen said…
ooh cant wait to hear about y our bbq competitions
Bridget #5
I look forward to you taking us with you to the bbq. And maybe even for a swim. Our triple digit days are over for awhile (thankfully, since I'm a cool weather gal), so I can relax a bit while your temps are heating up. Of course, next week looks like a hot one in my area.

Thanks for sharing your Mother's Day antics, the drag races, and your hopes of winning a place at the bbq. And thanks for sharing that bottle of water. Recycling is my thing, too!
dawn said…
Hello and Happy T Day! Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you and the family. WOW, swimming already, how nice for you. It's warm here but not that warm. YAY for bbq time, wishing you good luck and can't wait to hear all about it!!
Have a great week!
our city has a may bbq competition, too! it must be hard to be a judge, picking one best from all the delights they taste.
Hettie said…
Hmmmn. Not heard of BBQ competitions before. Mind you it is usually raining too often in the UK!
Happy T Day!
Looking forward to drooling over your BBQ posts! Good Luck at the first competition!
Monica said…
I hope the triple digits move your way and stay out of Florida while we are there, well even the hi nineties can stay away.
Good luck with the BBQ.
~*~Patty S said…
Your Mother's Day sounds like it was lively and tasty!
Good luck in the bbq competitions...
Happy T Day to ya...
p.s. water is always a favorite drink of mine :)
Dianne said…
Sounds like you had a fun weekend...I've never been to any car races, but I would probably end up watching the people as much as the cars!
Crystal Komara said…
Hi Krisha, I had a good laugh at your posting of a water bottle. 9 times out of 10 I'm drinking water too - so you're right, how many photos of water can we post! Have fun at the BBQ competition. I hope you post some great recipes! Happy T-day!
Darla said…
Sounds like you had fun last weekend. I'm interested in the BBQ competition. I hope to see some future posts about that.

Linda Kunsman said…
Sounds like the weather cooperated very well for your fun weekend. A bbq competition sounds like so much fun too. Happy T day!
Denise Price said…
Hi, thanks for your nice words about my handmade stamp and cards. Happy T Day, and good luck with the upcoming BBQ! Also, I glanced at the post below this one, and I see that you finished an art journal, so congratulations on that. The page you posted is great; I love the doodly flowers.
Rita said…
Good luck on the BBQ competition. :)
Happy T-Day!
Vicki Miller said…
Our triple digits are over because all of a sudden it's winter here, but nice to know that Spring really arrived over there
Unknown said…
Happy T-Day!
Sounded like a great weekend. Good luck on the bbq competition. Can't wait to read (drool) over your post on that.
Ariel said…
Do share pictures of the competition and Best Wishes to you.
Have a great week.