T Stands for Coconut Chai Tea

Time for "Tea" with Elizabeth and the T-gang. 
I finally found a tea that I really like ( and you know how I feel about my coffee...*grin*)  It is something I was reading about....on line.....and thought I'd check it out.  I finally found it at Sprouts.....a grocery store known for organic foods.  I was interested in the coconut coffee too, they didn't have it.  I read that WalMart carries the coconut coffee and I am going to check that out tomorrow.
This tea is so aromatic I can just open the tin and smell the tea( and I do that during the day).....it is in little round tea sachets.  The flavor is one of the best I have found to drink hot and without any kind of sweetener.  I normally only drink iced tea unsweetened....LOL.  Even as it steeps, it smells like.....mmmmmmm??.. like holidays.  I think it is the cinnamon.......even DH commented on how good it smelled.  I can barely detect any coconut or ginger in it.  It is such a smooth tea.......that's the only way I can describe it...LOL  No bitterness ( I find in most green teas) no strong after taste......just smooth and very soothing too.

My internet woes have continued since last week. I have had AT&T out here Thursday, Friday, Saturday and even on Sunday!  I went from trying to reason with them to actually threatening to get some legal advice.  They quit calling me back and have started calling DH......LOL!   Thus I have not been posting my AEDM, and truth be said.......I have fallen behind in my art journal, but have still been creating some cards.  Hope to get a lot of these things posted sometime this week. I learned today that AT&T is having a huge problem, in the Bakersfield area, with phone service and internet service and to the point it might effect 911 calls......:((  So glad my cell service IS NOT with them.
Last Friday I attended a luncheon with the Bakersfield Bucket Bunnies.  A group of ladies over the age of 45...... a type of net working.  I had so much fun that I joined the group and I am now a member.  Everybody has a "bucket list" and every so often ( not too sure how often) they fulfill a bucket list wish.  When you join the group you are supposed to list five bucket list wished.......well, I'm still thinking about it.  All my "bucket list" things are expensive.......like going to Greece....not going to happen with this group....LOL!!  I'm thinking maybe a workout buddy.......or just somebody to walk with................still not sure. 

We Are A Group Of Ladies Seeking A Unique Way To……………………
U – UNDENIABLE - “We Support Each Other To Fulfill Our Lifelong Dreams!”
N – NETWORK – “We Join With Our Peers Of Common Interest And Goals!”
I – INDIVIDUAL – “We Are Individually Unique, Interesting, Creative, Inspiring,
and Artistic!”
T – TRAVELERS – “We Know The World Is Our Oyster!”
E – EXPLORERS – “We Love To Meet New People, Taste New Foods, and See
New Places!”

The Bucket List Bunnies Are A Determined Group Of “BABY BOOMERS” That Hold Our
Current Friends Near And Open Our Hearts To Making New Friends All Over The World!!!
Well, that's my T-post for this week.  Tuesday is stacking up to be a very busy day, but I will make every effort to make it around......hopefully I can keep my internet....LOL 

Inky Hugs


  1. I also have AT&T internet service, so I feel your pain. Although I don't have a cell phone, I DO have their home service, so I often call them. They always have some excuse, so it's not just in sunny SOCAL they have a problem.

    Your Bucket Bunnies sound like they are a fun group of people. What a great mission statement.

    I am NOT a fan of coconut. I used to like it, now I can't stand it. I'm sure I could taste the coconut in the tea, but I'm glad you have found one you enjoy.

    Had to laugh at your memory joke. It was cute. Thanks for sharing your tea, your AT&T woes that I can relate to, and your Bucket Bunnies with us for T this week.

  2. Well I never heard of coconut chai but it sounds yummy, must look for it every where

  3. Sorry about your internet problems, that is very annoying. I can't imagine coconut tea, and have never seen it here, but I do love coconut in cakes and cookies. Hope you get some of your bucket list dreams fulfilled! Have a lovely week, Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. This tea must taste wonderful! Good luck with the internet dear Krisha!

  5. i´d love to taste this tea! sounds good...
    your flower with the eagle is so beautiful!
    good luck with the Internet and happy T-day!

  6. I'm sorry you have such a bad time with your internet connection. Can't you change provider?
    Chai is my fav tea and I like coconut flavoured things so your tea sounds really nice and right up my street. I don't drink sweetened teas either as here we make drinks from scratch and I'm not used to adding sugar.
    In Granada city, by the side of the cathedral, there are south american tea and herb sellers. They sell everything loose by weight. It is lovely to see and smell all that goodness. Unfortunately I only get to go to Granada once a year. I might be able to organise a trip there before Christmas as I'm going to my mum for the holidays and I need something decent to wear. (I buy my clothes on the market normally but my mum wouldn't like that)
    But I digress.... The Bucket Bunnies sound fun. Please let us know what you modest bucket list is when you have thought about it.
    I love the quotes especially the one with the memory lapse!
    Happy T Day!

  7. Fun quotes and your Bucket ladies group sure sounds like fun too.
    As much as I like the health properties of green tea it's not something I gravitate towards...that said your coconut chai tea is tempting me and it's Organic too :-)
    Everything about it sounds nice and everything must taste special in your glitter mug!
    Hope you get your internet squared away...what a pain!
    Happy T Day Krisha oxo

  8. Glad to see your post, sorry you are having internet problems though. I think your Bucket Ladies group sounds like fun. You will have to let us know what is on your list when you decide.

  9. Oh how utterly frustrating to be dealing with AT&T for so long! You had me at coconut with your tea-it sounds wonderful! Sounds like a great group to be a part of-and I love the name of bucket bunnies. Hope you will enjoy it for a long time. Oh, and I love your Veteran's Day tribute collage. It looks like a chipboard flower you decorated? I have those if that's what it is:) Happy T day-and best of luck with your internet issues!

  10. What a nice group to join! I hope you keep up updated on all the fun.

    We have Verizon (switched over from AT & T) because the service is better in our area (fingers crossed it stays that way). I hope you get yours sorted out soon.

    As much as I have tried to love green tea (and I have plenty of it) what stops me from drinking it is that bitter taste. I wondered if I was making the water too hot, but it seemed not to make a difference. I'll have to see if I can find this one locally and give it a try. I like cinnamon.

  11. Hi Krisha!!!

    Well i have Sprint and we are not happy with them either.. The service out here in the country is terrible but even after some research we didn't think we could find any better so we stayed with them...

    I find that i love any kind of chai tea. I totally understand just standing there smelling the tea. LOL! Mmmmm... Hugs! deb

  12. I love coconut but have never had this tea. Sounds worth trying. Thx :)

    Your group looks like fun!

  13. ok, I'm sold on the tea...gotta look for it in my neighborhood! Love the description of the group you joined...so cool! and your quotes had me chuckling, especially the last one. wonderful Veteran's Day piece you shared...happy T day my dear! and I hope your internet woes are over soon.

  14. Sorry to mess with your Eating Clean diet. Maybe you'll feel better knowing that I used organic blueberries in the cake. :)

    The group that you joined sounds fun. I think it's the first time I've heard of a group devoted to helping its members achieve personal goals. It's a great concept.

    Happy T Day!

  15. I hate it when the internet plays up! I have come to expect poor connection at the caravan but lately we have been losing connection on the land line! Love the sound of the group you joined! Happy T day! Chrisx

  16. Coconut chai sounds like something I'd enjoy. Bummer about the internet issues...that always stinks. We don't realize how much we rely on it until its gone.

  17. I'm sooo late visiting everyone, should be smacked hard on the wrist! ;) So sorry to read about your internet woes... have had a few weeks of them in the last couple of months and it is soooo frustrating when you can't get online to do things!
    Love your new group, sounds like a fabby bunch of ladies to join, I am sure you will come up with some fun bucket list items.
    I am off to see if I can get hold of that tea... haven't got along veryw ell with green tea but love chai so maybe this one will work out fine!!


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