Tuesday, November 17, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday with the T-gang

 Joining Altered Book Love and the T-gang this week, as many prayers are being said for France and the fight against terrorism.  This photo collage is one that I saw on Facebook and it brought tears to my eyes.
Now it is time to share my T-time drink.
I saw something on Pinterest (oh surprise there!!) and it involves Epsom Salt and I knew there was some around here.....somewhere.  I finally found it, under the bathroom sink.......way in the back. Now this box of ES has been around here for long time, and I do mean a LONG time, so long it had become a brick of salt......LOL!!!  Well, I need it to be back in granular condition, so I beat on the box, with a metal ladle, until it was in large chunks.  Then I put the large chunks into a zip lock bag and beat it some more.   Now that's more exercise than I've had in a week.....and there were still pieces  a little too large hummmmmmm.........................
Well, I dug around in one of the kitchen cabinets and finally found what I was looking OLD sifter...........I think it was my Mom's, or maybe my Grandmother's sifter.  I had already sifted some of the first banged out bag of salt when I remembered the camera.  My cup has some of the Coconut Tea you can see in the background. 
 Do you remember these sifters?  Most recipes, now a days, don't call for sifting your flour along with your baking soda, salt and baking we just throw it all in the bowl and mix it well.........LOL!!
As a kid, I remember how much fun it was to turn that little crank and sift the flour, with dreams of one day being a wife and mother........just like my Mom.  Of course I also wanted to be an actress, dancer, school teacher and many other things.......*grin*
So, as I was working the little crank, and watching my salt become granules again, I was flooded by such good memories.
Looking down into the sifter, you can see that all was NOT a complete success, some of those were just not going to beak up, so into the blue bowl to be used for bath time.  That ended the "battle of the salt".  It will work great for the project I have in mind....but that has been put on the shelf for after Thanksgiving.......since it is a Christmas decoration......*grin*
The Playhouse is parked out side and waiting to be loaded for our annual trip to the desert next week.  The Honey Baked ham has been ordered and it came with a large Honey Baked turkey breast...yummmm!  Our oldest son will smoke a turkey and for the 6 of us there will be enough food to feed 25....LOL  Everybody has a favorite dish for the holidays!!  What is yours?
 We will be leaving "early" next Tuesday, so chances are I won't have time to really do a T-day post.  So I will wish everybody, that celebrates, a Happy Thanksgiving and to all a Happy T-day!!
Inky Hugs



  1. I have a sifter like that! :) I think I have one of those old, hard blocks of epsom salts, too ;) Happy T Tuesday!

  2. love that old sifter and have a nice safe trip

  3. I use a sifter like that still. I laughed at the thought of you pounding away your Epsom salts. There's a fun rhyme 'Here lies a father and his 2 daughters, killed by drinking Cheltenham Waters. If only they'd stuck to Epsom salts, they wouldn't be here now in those vaults'. Looks like the Epsom salt manufacturers were trying to discredit Cheltenham! Have a fun week and a happy t Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. Forgot to say how lovely I found those shining building to light against the darkness.

  5. I simply ADORE that tribute to Paris. It is unbelievable and takes in all the continents, too. Thanks for sharing it, since I'm not on Facebook.

    I have a similar old sifter I inherited from my Grandmother, but hers didn't have a crank on the side. There was a mechanism in the handle you squeezed that activated the sifter. I like your idea better, because I can't squeeze. Not that I would use it, anyway, but it DOES bring back good memories.

    Thanks for sharing your Paris memorial, your sifted epsom salts and all the memories it drudged up, and your coconut tea with us for T this Tuesday.

    Happy Thanksgiving if I don't hear from you before then.

  6. It's good to see that countries around the world are showing solidarity with the French people.

    I've not seen one of those old sifters before but it looks a very useful and well loved tool. I look forward to see what you have in mind for the Epsom Salts. Have a safe journey and a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Barbxx

  7. Advanced Thanksgiving wishes to you Krisha. I have a sifter like that and my kids love to help me with it.
    Have a lovely week

  8. I have an old sifter like that too! And happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family. Very nice post.

  9. Wonderful collage Krisha - and I have never seen such an sifter .. looks great - Happy T-Day Krisha!

  10. Beautiful collage. My heart lifted a bit when I saw on TV so many cities and countries honoring France. I have an old sifter but it's like the one Elizabeth has and I still use it. And you are teasing us with the Epsom slat project now! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving away with your family and a happy T day!

  11. I have never sifted anything in my life. :)

    As I read your post, I kept thinking, what is she going to do with those Epsom salts? I guess I'll have to wait to find out. Whatever it is, I hope it works, after all that work you did breaking up the salt.

    My favorite Thanksgiving food is...jelly beans! They're not a traditional Thanksgiving food, but our family likes to snack on them on Turkey Day.

    Happy early Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  12. I sift through a regular strainer, but I see those often at flea markets. My mother never sifted anything, so I don´t have any special feelings about them. We don´t have Thanksgiving where I live, but I fondly remember having a huge turkey at table with av very hospitable family in St Louis - they had 9 kids and every one of them had invited a friend for the holidays, many of whom (including myself) were staying at the house! Happy T-Day!

  13. love your French Collage so much!
    (well, i do not know what epson salt is... but i use a similar item for powdering the flour)
    happy rest of the week!

  14. I'm pretty sure I have one of those old sifters in the back of beyond, too, Krisha. My best friend and I would use one of her Mom's old ones with sand/dirt and water to make our mud pies so your post brought back happy memories of that for me. Plus, they did work in the kitchen very well, lol! And, hey, I used to have that EXACT same tile in my kitchen!!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in the desert! The Mister is already talking about going in the spring on his bike (if he can) because "they" say we will have record flowers. I hope you have beautiful weather! Hugs, Darnell

  15. This is such a lovely post. I feel for the people of Paris!
    I have never seen a sifter like yours but I am looking forward to seeing what you make!! Belated happy T Day, Chrisx

  16. I'm late, I'm late. I seem to be saying that a lot recently. I love those old sifters and can't wait to see what your project will be. Sounds like you are all ready for Thanksgiving. Have a great trip.

  17. Love your sifter.Just fabulous and the buildings and our Redeemer was so beautiful in blue and red.Hope Paris heal faster.Happy T day:)!

  18. I still sift a when a recipe calls for it. I have the squeeze handle kind that Elizabeth mentioned. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos of solidarity.

    Hope you have a safe trip and a Happy Thanksgiving with all your family!