Friday, May 20, 2016

A Denim Pocket for Storage

I know many people have one of these Lazy Susan storage thingies, most craft stores sell them.  I've had mine for a number of years, and for most part I LOVE the darn thing.  This side had an elastic band stapled onto it, and was perfect for holding bone folders and stylists......things that are just too short to put in the other deep wells.  Now, over time the elastic has stretched out and doesn't want to hold ANYTHING....grrrrr!  Has anybody else had this problem???
Then the lights came on (so to speak...*grin*)  What I needed was a divided"pocket" on that side........welllllllll............I do have some old denim pockets I had cut off DH's old work pants..................hmmmmmm!
Yep!  I drug one out and quickly stitched some divided areas, using the pocket and the piece of denim that the pocket was sewn the pants! ( notice the staples still in the LS?  They would NOT come out!!) Now the pocket was a tad too long, so I flipped up the pointed bottom and glued it together.  I have found that the glue in this photo is just will glue a ton of things and I have been using it for YEARS!! 
Once the flipped up point was dry I added glue to all the edges and down the stitched spots.

I added the pocket and let it get somewhat dry, then I did tack all four corners with very tiny nails...just for reinforcement.  I did this last month and it is still going strong....nothing has loosened!  YEAH!!
It holds my little tools wonderfully.......kind of wished I'd put a little decoration on the plain pocket....maybe later......LOL!
Thanks for stopping by, hope this idea has helped, if you have had the same problem.
Inky Hugs


  1. That pocket is a fantastic idea. I love it. Glad your light bulb went off. Happy weekend! Hugs-Erika

  2. I wanted one of those storage containers ever since I first saw one, but (at the time, which was about 4 years ago) the price was wayyyyyyyyyy too steep for my craft budget. You did a great job updating it, though.

    My friend Kathy gave me a teeny tiny bit of the Ultimate one time and I used it all. She didn't remember she gave it to me, so when we were out shopping a few months ago, I bought a brand new container of it. It's my go to wet glue, especially when I'm making art for others. I won't waste it on myself, but I will for others. Ultimate and E-6000 rock my world!

  3. Genius! Perfectly executed too. Love it. Cara x

  4. What a nifty idea Krisha! If i told you how many of those pockets off jeans i have saved over the years you would be gobsmacked! lol I think i have the idea of a quilt or something in mind but i love what you've done here....Thanks for the info on the glue too. Always on the lookout for a good glue. :) Hugs! deb