Tuesday, May 31, 2016

T-Day and the Winery

Last week DH and I finally took advantage of a 2 night stay I had won way back in December.  It was at the Croad Inn and Winery, not all that far from here.  We couldn't have asked for nicer weather, and such a unique and pretty place.
The day we checked in we met the owners in the wine tasting room, he and his wife are there every weekend to help run the Inn and winery.  Really wonderful and gracious people.  Since it was late in the afternoon, he offered us a tour of the winery....just DH and myself.  He took us into the cellars, which was so very interesting......and we even got to taste wine straight from the I just fell in love with.....but sadly it won't even be bottled for two more years!!  We were given a glass of wine and a plate of assorted cheese and crackers, when we finally headed for our room.
Since I am an early riser, the next morning I grabbed my coffee and my camera and went outside, there were so many things I wanted to get pictures of.  You can see my coffee cup there on the edge of the fountain (above photo for the T-day gang).  I LOVE taking pictures in the early mornings........I know.....lots of shadows...but I think that is why.  I love to see the fresh sun light highlight the new day.

The top vineyard is over 80 years old, not old by comparison to other areas or countries, but I was surprised that THIS area had been growing wine grapes for that long.  Years ago, this winery(not Croad) sold their wine to a Basque restaurant over here in the valley, for their table wine........and I'm sure I have had some...*grin*.  Now this winery sells their wine for $100 plus per bottle!!! YIKES!  I don't think I'll ever be drinking anymore of their wine! 
The bottom photo is of one of the Croad vineyards.  They grow their grapes irrigation, and they don't tie up the vines, but leave them in more of a bush state.......I found that very interesting.

Wayne and Patty took a lot of care in designing their Inn and winery with pathways leading to vista areas, with these metal musicians all over the grounds and pagodas for shade over comfy chairs .  It does get hot in this area too, which is why I was surprised they dry grow the grapes.  But the soil is perfect and they get the coastal breezes, and moisture in the late afternoons and evenings.  This area is about 45 minutes from the beach.

I fell in love with the fountains, there were two very large ones.  It was early enough that they had not turned the water on and I could get close up photos.

A couple more musicians and a random photo of a arched walkway.  This is actually looking across the walkway to the tasting room......but the wooden door, at the back caught my eye.
So this is where I will stop, I took over 100 photos of this place, but only got the above ones edited and ready to post.  Hopefully I can share more of this trip later, but right now I'm headed over to Altered Book Lover-----Elizabeth's blog and link my drink related post, then hop around and see what everybody else is drinking this fine Tuesday morning.
I'm not too sure how often I'll get to post after this week.  Next week I start having my granddaughters four days a week.  With one being 6 and the other 9 (almost 10) I'm not sure if I can pull off a "Camp Grandma" this year with their age difference ......but I'm gonna give it a good try.  So my post might be late and a little on the crazy side......just thought I'd throw out the warning now...LOL!!
Inky Hugs


  1. Wow! you won that trip?! Awesome. I googled the winery to see the label...then I saw the pricing. Definitely not wine that we usually buy. Although I have had a glass of $100 bottle wine once and it was bliss. I do think it's fun to splurge every so often. :)
    Have fun with the girls...can't wait to see what you have in store for them!!
    HAppy T day!

  2. Gorgeous photos!! beautiful vistas...and I am thinking Elizabeth will be envying those rusty metal sculptures that you got to see! I can see why you loved the fountains too, so lovely. Really a stunning place to visit...thanks for sharing it with us! ♥

  3. Thats just awesome Krisha. So glad that you won that and you and hubby got to go....I like taking pictures in that'magic hour' too....right at dawn and dusk... So glad to see you this Tday krisha! Hugs! deb

  4. congrats for being the winner of such a nice trip! the photos you took are wonderful, love the mood there!
    happy t-day, krisha!

  5. Dianne was SO right. I am in love with those musicians and all the rust.

    What an exciting weekend you had. I'm definitely impressed that you got to enter the cellar and taste wine from the barrels. Very impressive.

    I know you will share more of these photos with us over the next few weeks, and you might even be able to share a few Camp Grandma photos, too. I'm sure you are talented enough to come up with ways for both girls to enjoy a similar project, but geared for each age.

    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous winery, the statues, the fountains, and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday. Remember, I live vicariously!

  6. Oh my, what a wonderful place to visit! Love all the fantastic photos, too. Thanks for sharing, pity we couldn't get a taste of the wine! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. you might like this
    He is from New Zealand
    Sounds like a great visit.

  8. what a wonderful trip to win!! Looks like you had fine weather, and what a beautiful winery to have good wine and super photo opportunities. I'll be looking for more of your photos, and I'm sure you'll do a great job with Camp Grandma as you always come up with creative ideas. Happy T day!

  9. What a lovely place to visit.. How lucky you were to win such a great trip. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed seeing your photos. Have lots of fun with your granddaughters. I'm sure you'll find loads to keep them busy. Barbxx

  10. Love those old buildings they have so much history

  11. Wow, the winery looks just gorgeous. It sounds like a fantastic place to visit and stay. I am guessing it wasn't crowded when you walked around in the morning, which makes it even better I think. Hope the golf goes well. Isn't it great to finally try something you've wanted to do? Hugs-Erika

  12. What a pretty spot for a restful get away! :)

  13. This looks like the perfect place for a break! Have fun with the girls! I went to see Angry Birds with Emily today - we both enjoyed it! Hugs, Chrisx

  14. ooooh what a lovely place.
    Your photos are beautiful and really draw me in.
    That was a wonderful prize and getaway for you with your special tour included.
    Now I'm thirsty ;-)
    A hundred dollar bottle of wine would not be my cup of tea either.
    How good can it be hah!
    Thank you for visiting my Magpie's Nest and for your nice comment too.
    Happy almost other T day (Thursday).
    Hard to believe summer vacation is right around the corner for the kids already.
    I'm sure your grand daughters look forward to spending time with you no matter what you get into.

  15. What a wonderful weekend. I have a feeling "Camp Grandma" will work out just great! Have fun! Wonderful photos!

  16. How beautiful and lucky you for winning a stay there!

  17. Looks like you had a wonderful time, it looks like such a beautiful place to visit! I love your photos especially the fountains and the musicians, wonderful! Thanks for sharing and wishing you a Happy T Day on Wednesday! J :-)