Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Art Journal Pages

What a warm wonderful Sunday this has been, the sun is down now but it is still so nice outside.  Time to throw open the windows at night!!   There is so much yard work to catch up on and the long days make it nice.  This first journal page was a "fun with paint" type of page.  I used a brick stencil for the wall, and the most all the paint was applied with pom poms!!  I had an evergreen tree stamp I did put paint on then added it to the tree line.  Kinda fun to just start dabbing colors of paint here, there and everywhere.  I did go back in and make some dot flowers with my stylist.  The sentiment is from Graphic 45 "Secret Garden" and the pail of flowers is a picture from a magazine that I thought was so pretty.
 This second page has been a work in progress for months.  I drew layered ovals on the page, and then a swirly up the side.  It stayed that way for about a week, just wasn't sure where to go from there, then I had the bright idea to paint purple over the first step. )I have been trying to step out of my comfort zone with different colors and textures) Next came the crunched up tissue paper following the swirly thing, than it set for to dry, and I came back and added the dark purple stenciled spots, then it sat for weeks....waiting for something!
While on my trip I found a poem in one of those magazine I bought and really liked it and it was written in purple tones!!
So much purple that I got out a swirly stamp and added it here and there,too dark.... so I went over them with a white gel pen. Everything was getting to be the same color of purple so I rubbed some pink Gelatos and some blue Gelatos here and there to break up

that horrid purple I had going on.  I found a lavender home made paper and tore around the edges to put the poem on.  I did darken the edges to make it pop a little better.  A chip board leafy, swirly thing ( yes I am using BIG technical words in this post...LOL) was added to the bottom corner, just to add some balance.  NOT one of my favorite pages, but at least I feel like it is a finished page now.  Purple is just hard for me to work with, and I do like the color.....some what. I know the photo colors are exactly like I have described them, but the flash changed things and I was shooting these pictures in the trailer with the journal propped up on the bedroom steps.....LOL

So now it is off to the shower and the end of my Sunday.  A whole new list of things to accomplish for tomorrow.
There will be a new DT post tomorrow so I do hope you will come back and take a look.

Inky Hugs
Krisha who can't stop yawning........


  1. You have done a wonderful job. I really like the first one. These two are so different.

  2. I love the colours on the first one but the text on the second is so lovely,
    Rosie x

  3. Beautiful pages Krisha, I love the garden one at the top. It's a real work of art.

  4. You are definitely developing your style in this journal - the first is really wonderful! x