Thursday, April 18, 2013

There is a Dark Side

Yes, this is a page from my art journal!  While in San Diego I was on You Tube and watched a mixed media journal page using masking tape.  This is proof that I CAN NOT always duplicate what I process on the Intranet! LOL   She used wide masking tape, and all I had was the standard with, but decided to give it a try (not my best decision) There was also hot glue used in the video, but once I got this far I figured "Why waste the hot glue?" I had finally broke down and bought 3 sets of Gelatos (This was a very GOOD decision) and had colored the tape and the background. Then it sat for a couple days as it was sooo ugly I wasn't sure where to take it from here.  Every time I looked at it I want to scream, like in the horror movies, and I couldn't rip it out, it backs something else. Then I dreamed I came home and all my flowers had died cause DH had not watered them, and THAT is how the sentiment "Night Screams" came about.  Little did I know it would not be my flowers, but the DUST IN THE HOUSE that would make me want to scream!! LOL

Speaking of DUST I am down to cleaning the last 3 rooms, so I better get dressed and get busy.
Have a great day
Inky Hugs


  1. Love the journal page. I have those too. I now have notepad and pen beside the bed to write down the urgent things I've forgotten about, now I puzzle for ages during the day over what I scrawled on the paper!
    As for the dust, men just don't see it do they? I went away for 3 days once and though he vacuumed, he didn't dust anything!
    Hope you have now caught up with cleaning and can get crafting!

  2. Dark is good and oh so cool! Love the texture of the tape. The front one really looks like a spooky figure! Very cool! Where you around for the big dust storm we had last Monday? Never have seen anything like it!

  3. Wow Krisha, this is really great.
    I'd leave the dust it only comes back!
    Rosie x