Tuesday, July 23, 2013

T stands for Tuesday

Good morning "T" friends, and coffee drinkers!  So here's my cup of coffee this morning, in my Sea World cup.  So why am I showing you my cup of coffee?  Travel over here to The Altered Book Lover blog and Elizabeth will tell you all about it. This is our second week and anybody can join, you don't have to drink tea or coffee.

Since our last "T" morning I had my Grand-Ds come visit, here is  Megan all set up and having a "Tea" party.  Now they can't just have water in their tea pots, it HAS to be colored water, well this time it was colored juice!! LOL  Yes her outfit looks a little strange for a 3 yr. old.  They always "dress-up"" in my old night gowns when they come for the day or for a sleep over.  Hannah was busy making breakfast for her babies.
Besides playing with my Grand-Ds I have been busy.  I finally got around to that crazy box of ribbon, and got it all sorted and organized so I can see what the heck I have.  Well....I have way more than I thought I had...LOL (don't we all?)  Here is what I did.....

I bought a box that is designed for embroidery thread, that has the little flat paper spools.  I thought they were a little flimsy, but they worked!!  There were 100 of the spools, but I had to make a few more and dig out my last divided box to get all the ribbon finished.

I also have been working on an ATC book, but not real happy with the way it is turning out.  I still have to bind the signatures together and make a cover.......we'll see if it turns out good enough o share.

Then I watched a You Tube video on how to make  book with cards and envelopes (yep here I go again).  There are about 4 videos to make this book, but it starts with this one, and these are by Kathy Orta.  So that is also started and Betsy is covered with paper and essentials for making this book.  This will be revealed tomorrow for WOYWW.

So now I'm off to see what everybody else is drinking this morning and what they are up to.  Hope you join us today or next Tuesday.  Elisabeth is a great hostess.
Inky Hugs


  1. I love how your Grand-Ds dress up in your nightgowns. What fun they must have when they visit. And a tea party is a fun way to have an impromptu photo op, too.

    I love what you have done with your ribbon. That is quite clever. Most of mine are on spools, and I've tried various ways to store them. None are ideal, but some better than others. I might have to buy one of those boxes.

  2. Your Grand-Ds must really look forward to visiting you!
    Your ribbons sure look tidy and pretty too!
    Happy T day

  3. looks like y'all are having great fun!

  4. Your grands look so sweet in their dress-up clothes. You did a nice job with the ribbon boxes-they are a work of art themselves!

  5. Now that is fun, they must have a ball dressing up and having tea parties with Grandma!! I am also making a little book using Karen Orta's destructions! We can compare results!! :) Annette #1

  6. Great way to store ribbon. I have a. Big box of ribbon that is a mess. I do not think I can manage another day of posting. Until I finished that second cup I am a blob

  7. Hi Krisha - thanks for popping over for T - my daughter always loves to dress up - she is 17 and planning her outfit to wear to Supernova - Australia's version of Comicon - lol - this year she is gaga over Jonny Depp & Pirates of the Caribbean - I am so pleased pirate outfits are easy... hope you have a fabulous week - Mxx

  8. The girls look beautiful and so do the ribbons, what a great idea
    Rosie x

  9. There isn't anything better than a Granddaughter. Looks like yours have fun when they visit you.


  10. What fun sharing your day with your GD's. Nothing like a little tea party.
    Great job on the ribbon organization. Wanna come do mine? LOL
    Hugs Lynn

  11. Cant wait to do this with my grand daughter! are so organized! love your idea :)

  12. Love your sea world mug!!!!! My daughter just got married at Discovery Cove.
    The tea party looks fun
    Jackie 15

  13. Love your mug! and of course the little tea lady! So pretty! Popping over from Elizabeth's!