Tuesday, July 30, 2013

T Stands for Tuesdy

Well it is early Tuesday morning here in California, and here is my "mug" shot for this week. No that is not a picture of me (LOL) that is a mail art post card from Trisha, a DT sister. THANKS TRISHA!!! The mug of coffee is MY mug shot. (New coffee mugs...yea!)  I am once again linking up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard for tea, coffee, hot chocolate or any beverage of preference.
Wasn't going to join the fun this week as I have a totally busy morning, but my coffee wasn't tasting quite right, without joining in.  Funny how it tastes so much better RIGHT now!  LOL

So just a quick post to say "Hello world", now off to quickly link with Elizabeth and Bluebeard, then get dressed and get my dog to the vet to get stitches removed form her leg.  She had a melanoma removed about 2 weeks ago.  Here she is (on the bed of course) with her bandage on her leg.  
She can tell time, cause she isn't allowed a chew treat until after noon, and at 12:01 she lets me know.  She can also count.....she gets 2 chew treats a day (really only one cut in half, but she hasn't figured that out yet) and she will definitely let me know she has one coming later on in the day.  LOL

So off I go now to get this day started.
Thanks for stopping by to share my morning!
Inky Hugs


  1. That's so funny about your dog being able to count and tell time. Our cat can also tell time. She starts bugging me for food at precisely the same time each day. Happy Tuesday!!

  2. I had a ponies that could could, tell the time and know what day it was! (very long story!!) Love your mug, both of them! Popping in for a T on Tuesday!

  3. "New coffee mugs...yea!" yes! and i do like yours :)

    i hope your dog recovers quickly.

  4. Oh I love new Mugs...tend to get into trouble with the other half about buying new Mugs when we don't need them. Happy Tuesday

  5. Love both mugs and your pretty doggie too. Hope all is well in the healing department. Smart pooch that can count and tell time, lol
    Happy T day

  6. What a lovely MUG shot! Gotta love those new mugs and the lovely mail art.

    Of course, Bleubeard has NO idea what time it is, unlike your adorable "girl." He eats when he feels like it, sort of like me. There's no set routine in this house, and no rules, either. However, he lets me know when his BIG DOG BOWL is getting low (grin). As an aside, when he was a kitten, he used to stand inside that big dog bowl because his head wasn't tall enough to reach over the top.

    I hope all is well and the vet gave your sweet gal a clean bill of health. And her name is ???????

  7. Stopped by for a visit for T Tuesday. I hope your beautiful & smart girl can't read, or you will be giving out two full treats from now on, LOL!

  8. Hope your dog recovers quickly,
    Rosie x

  9. Morning Krisha (Wednesday to your Tuesday), good luck with the stitches removal on your lovely dog and I think she she should get an extra stick for being so good! ;)
    Love your new coffee mugs, fabby design! Annette

  10. Smart puppy! Love the new mug. Aren't the post cards great! Trisha's fussy cutting is amazing. Hugs

  11. Your "mug shot" makes me smile...nice mug too!

    All to best to your sweet and smart doggie!

  12. I like everything about this post.
    The mug. The card. The dog. The humor.

    My Gold Nugget can tell time too and she lets me know when dinner is late.

  13. Hi Krisha - thanks for stopping by yesterday my blogger issues sorted themselves out - finally - better late than never - LOL - have a great week - see you next T for Tuesday - Mxx