Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Before I get on with this T-Day post, I want to apologize to anybody that got malware from visiting my blog.  Both the lap top and the main PC have been into the shop, cleaned and new spy ware put on both.  My lap top had NO malware, but had it gone through and updated anyway.   Sine DH likes to shop on line, with the main PC I will no longer be posting from it, but from my lap top, where I have some control over.  Now on to T-day!!
I just love this photo, it just says so much about blogging and about the great group of people that always refer to as the "T-gang" over at Altered Book Lover and for all the other blogs I follow, groups I'm in and for all the people that follow my blog.

So what a week it has been since last we met.  I do want to once again apologize, but for NOT getting back to all of you who left me a comment last week.  We didn't get home from San Diego until late Monday night, Tuesday I had multiple errands to run, including taking in the PCs, not getting home until very late in the afternoon, Wednesday was back adjustment day, and grocery shopping, Thursday was a dr. appointment (had to find out blood work results) get prescription, then Friday was a meet up with DIL to get shirts ordered for the BBQ team, that starts up again in just a few weeks. then I took her and her sister and my GD out for lunch.  PHEW!!!

So now I'm off to link up with the T-gang, a little on the late side, but it's still Tuesday here.

Inky Hugs


  1. Glad everything got straightened out computer-wise Krisha! We all go through busy times when we are unable to visit and it's OK. You have been super busy. Hope you have a bit more relaxation this week. Happy T day!

  2. It's still T day here in Virginia too...almost dinner time but I didn't want to miss saying Hi and Happy T Day to you Krisha.
    Computer issues can be such a pain and then when things are working nicely it's a wonderful window (and door!) to the world isn't it.
    Hope you have a great rest of the week.

  3. Lucky for me I didn't pick up any bugs while visiting your site. :)
    Glad it's all fixed.
    Happy T day!

  4. Annnd....breathe! Lol - what a busy time you had, I hope you get to relax and kick back a wee bit now. Take it easy. Throw a bit of paint about. Take a nap. Whatever you do, Happy T Day :o))

  5. I don't think I picked up anything from your site. The world cup is a good representation of our little group. Made me smile right away. Happy T Day! :)

  6. I lost power about noon my time today. Got it back about 20 minutes ago. I was never so glad to have anything come back on in my life.

    Sounds like you had a very busy week, too. I hope the results of the blood work means good news.

    Thanks for sharing your very busy week AND your world of coffee in a cup with us for T this Tuesday. Again, I apologize for being so late, but you can thank my energy provider for the snafu. BTW, it's still Tuesday in YOUR world.

  7. I love that cup, where did you get it from, I want to get one to add to my collection.
    sorry to hear about your computer, glad to hear its all fixed now.
    Bridget #1

  8. It does sound like it's been a hectic week for you! hope all is well with your computer now...I know when ours isn't working right we go crazy. And I was thinking BBQ season is coming I am hoping we will see some great photos of your BBQ your recipe a secret?! ;)

  9. Good to catch up with you, Krisha! That's a bummer about the computer problems. You have been one busy lady!! Hugs, Darnell

  10. I'm running late these days but here I am. Great cup! Sounds like you are on the run, run, run. Hope you get a break this week.


  11. What a busy time you had, I hope you get to relax Krisha!
    Happy belated T-Day from