Monday, April 13, 2015

T Stands for: Two weeks is Too long!

It's been two weeks since I last visited Elizabeth and T-gang ......  This weeks drink is that bottle of water there on not the one with the brush in it.......the tall one, with clean water!  I know, I know this looks like it should be a Wednesday photo for WOYWW, but in reality it was taken this morning ( Monday) for Tuesday.  (there will be questions on this later....LOL)
I woke up this morning with a burning itch to put some paint on a canvas I had prepped with paper, modeling paste and gesso over the weekend...........but there was this pile of ironing to be done (yep, I still iron) Then there was the incident last night.........I opened a drawer, in the bathroom, and found a roach!!!  I DON'T DO ROACHES!!!!!  While having my coffee out on the patio this morning......oh, it was a lovely I was saying,........oh yes, ......I was having my coffee and trying very hard to weasel out of the house work and ironing.  Well, I just shook myself by the shoulders and said "You know how to do both"! 

I came into the house, plugged in the iron, and set up the canvas, which meant I had to dig the easel out of the garage and make space for it, while the iron heated. I went back ironed 9 shirts for DH, unplugged the iron and put it and the board I get to start to paint.................
I get the first layer of acrylic on in a messy washed way, dry time needed so I was then onto  our bathroom..........Dressed in a Hazmat suit and looking like something from war of the worlds, I took EVERYTHING out of the cabinet.  Sprayed the heck out of the inside with Raid ant and roach killer. I don't like using chemicals until it comes to ants and roaches!!!!  BAM!! NO PROBLEM!!
Back to the painting and getting an other layer of paint on it.  Left it to dry while cleaning the guest to bottom.
Once it was dry there were still a few coats of paint to go, by coats and layers I mean mostly done with a dry brushed effect............. then off to clean the out side of my stove while it dried.

There were a couple more layers of paint and gold leafing added, but I got very engrossed and for got to take pictures, then DH came in from delivering his load of cement powder, and we decided to have a Subway sandwich for lunch. 

This is just to give you an idea of the sized of the canvas
Here is the finished piece, the sealer wasn't quite dry so it looks a little milky is spots.

A close up of the details, yes that is a shadow of  the fleur de lies.  They were stenciled twice
 This was the most FUN I've had with paint in quite awhile and I love the way it turned out.  It was a canvas I picked up at the 2nd hand store for $5.00, and it is gallery wrapped, so there is no frame needed.
Five new designs  I make 4 to 6 of each.
I am still making bottle tags, or wine tags.  Bakersfield has an artist event the first Friday of every a street fair.  From what I am told it is a lot of fun and a lot of people go to it to buy unique things.  My friend, Ronda and an other friend want to go together and get a booth for it this summer and maybe we can sell a few things. They want me to sell my art canvases............hmmmmm I'm thinking about adding a few to the pot to see what happens.
I have been really enjoying my little garden I created earlier.  Things are really breaking out in bloom.

Begonias and Marigolds and three Iris buds

I dug these out of the front yard two months ago and put them into a pot.  I didn't
break the soil apart, just planted the whole clump.  I was surmised to see that
they are going to bloom after being disturbed.

Last but not least are the Geraniums that I dug up from my Mom's backyard after she passed away.  This is the first spring they have really bloomed.  There are two different colors of pink.  One is a hot pink and one is more of a salmon pink
So now it is late Monday afternoon, I know E has gone live with her post, so I'm a thinkin' I should link up about now.  I still have to go put everything away in the bathroom I sprayed with Raid.  Might have to open a few windows in the is still pretty strong smelling and we do want to sleep in there tonight.  THEN it is time for me to have something besides water, maybe an adult beverage.......put my feet up and relax.
What's in your cup today?
Inky Hugs



  1. Your canvas is fabulous Krisha!! I too 'still iron' but not so much as I used to, and only if I deem it absolutely necessary, lol. I hope you got to enjoy an adult beverage and you slept well after the spraying had to be done. Your flowers are blooming pretty (hehe). Happy T Day {{Hugs}}

  2. Beautiful canvas, Krisha Thanks for sharing lovely photos :)

  3. Your canvas has such a beautiful patina and vintage look with the color and texture. Sounds like you managed everything quite well-and I do love your wine bottle tags-go for the market selling-what have you got to lose?? So wonderful to finally see flowers begin to bloom. Happy T day!

  4. What a fun post. The water on Betsy, although in plain sight, was so obscure I missed it until you pointed it out. All I saw was the brush water (grin).

    Love, love, love the painting. What a great way to recycle an old one.

    I enjoyed the flowers, because my irises have not bloomed yet. I have no geraniums because they are annuals here.

    I adore the latest batch of wine tags. These are not just fun, but class up any bottle. They will sell well.

    Thanks for sharing your last TWO weeks with us for T this week. It was fun to catch up!

  5. Thought that was your dinner on the plate hahahaha. love that canvas and how you've brought it together
    Bridget #1

  6. I wondered where you have been and now I see you have been busy. Liked you you fit the painting in between chores. Waiting for paint to dry is perhaps the hardest part of making art. I don't like waiting.


  7. Beautiful canvas! My family lived in Bakerfield in the 70s. I went to visit and remember it being hot and near blinding in terms of sunlight lol.

    The geraniums are gorgeous and such a lovely way to remember your mother.

  8. Wonderful canvas Krisha with so much lovely texture! My cup of tea-lol!
    Happy T-Day and thank you for all this amazing garden photos... LOVELY!

  9. Hello and Happy T Day! Everything looks gorgeous here, loving all those flowers. YAY for painting! Thanks for sharing today.

  10. Your flowers look fabulous - hoping to see signs of some flowers at our caravan garden when we go up on Thursday! Happy T day! Chrisx

  11. Now that is what I call multi-tasking!! Lovely canvas. Too bad for the roaches. Lucky hubby with his crisp shirts. Your garden looks lovely too.

    I noticed I don't get your comments to my blog in my inbox anymore because of mean blogger. And I don't have your email address. I'm soulcomfort (at) :):)

  12. Absolutely beautiful canvas! Such satisfying work/art/fun! It's busy here on the farm. I've started planting and putting down fresh pinestraw in the natural areas. The new baby chicks are now 4 weeks old and will be going outdoors to their new digs in 2 weeks. Then I'll be able to re-claim my laundry room! The donkey boys are frisky and delightful and fill their tummies with fresh pasture grasses. I still find time for art and miniature-building. Fun stuff. I am blessed. Sending more of the same your way!

  13. Oh my!! LOVE that canvas!! Wonderful texture and color. And you got your pesky housework done besides.
    Happy T day!

  14. That is really a great canvas!!! Your flowers look great too. I can't wait until the annuals starts blooming here :)

  15. wow, you've been the canvas! it's gorgeous. and lovely flowers too...good luck on the artist event!

  16. Well, I am so late for tea this week (very trying week), but I am glad I stopped by or I would have missed this gorgeous canvas! Love all the layers and the way you made finding time for art! Your post really made me smile!