Tuesday, April 21, 2015

T Stands for Walking on the WILD side

Tuesday means it's again time to join Elizabeth, the Altered Book Lover and the Tea Gang
DH and I took a really quick trip to San Diego this last weekend.  We pulled out the Playhouse late Friday evening, since the decision to make the trip happened just hours before........I threw in a few changes of clothes, the camera and the belated birthday gifts for our GS and his Daddy and we were up and on our way early Saturday morning.  Since it is a 250 mile....ish trip, and pulling the Playhouse, it takes 5-6 hours to make it down there.  Of course there are a few places we like to stop at, so it stretched the trip to 6-7 hours.....LOL.
We pulled into the campground around 3 PM and got everything set up. DS was still working and the GKs were still napping so we just set up our chairs, made an adult beverage, sat out, under this wonderful oak tree and enjoyed the breeze. 
We have been to this campground before and it has some of the most interesting OLD oak trees.  This one looks like it had melted, leaving big gaping holes.  It may have been in the disastrous fire they had in that area about 10 years ago. 

 Whilest having my coffee, early the next morning, I did grab my camera and take this photo of my clear coffee mug. It also gives you an idea of how big the tree is and how big the holes are.
By now your wondering how all this ties into the title of this post, this doesn't look so wild!!  Well, it isn't the pictures or the trip.  It is, indeed, what I am  doing right now.........and that is being on the internet without any anti-virus protection.  When I logged on this morning there were all kinds of pop-ups telling me my subscription had laps. BOOOGERS!!! that means I have to get this PC and my laptop in for an annual checkup. But I just HAD to get a T-day post done this week.......LOL!!! I found it is much easier to do an annual thing and pay minimal cost than to download off the "net", not get the right thing and then have a real expensive mess on my hands later.
Sooooooo it might take me a while to get around to visiting all my T-day friends this week, but as soon as it isn't so dangerous I will be out and about visiting.  I also have tons of things to post.......wouldn't ya know it???

Inky Huga


  1. Those big ole trees are fascinating aren't they? No anti virus is a scary thing anymore. Will look forward to your posts once you're up and running safely again. Happy T day!

  2. Oh I do get excited about old trees imagining the stories they could tell.
    That is such an interesting one and a great 'platform' for your cuppa!
    San Diego is a place I would sure enjoy visiting some time.
    Looking forward to more pix and you take care out there dear Krisha
    Happy T Day

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  4. Awsome tree! Take care of you!
    Happy T-Day!

  5. Thank you for sharing the pictures here Krisha. I always feel that these trees have so many interesting stories to share
    Happy T day

  6. Oh funny! I was looking for the clear cup--here I thought it was one of the holes you had mentioned--LOL! Enjoy!!!! And we'll see you when it is safe for you. ;) Happy T-Day! :)

  7. What a tree...lots of character there!
    Happy T day!

  8. San Diego is such a beautiful place to visit, and oh the stories those trees could tell!

    Looking forward to seeing your art!

    Happy T Day!

  9. I told Divers and Sundry that I would tell you her computer gets infected with malware whenever she visits you. But I guess you know that by now.

    I'm SO sorry I haven't been here sooner, but I've been sick most of the day. Fever, flem, headache, and the chills I don't need when I welcome in my bEARTHday tomorrow.

    That is a gorgeous old tree and I am very impressed. with the beauty of it, AND your clear mug. What a great visual.

    Thanks for sharing these photos from San Diego with us for T this Tuesday.

  10. Gosh, what a cool tree. And I love your somewhat hidden coffee mug.

  11. I love old trees!! They have such character :) Glad you got to visit with family.