T Stands for A Rainy Day

It has been raining, off and on here for the past 4 days, and I think it is making DH and I a little stir-crazy.  He doesn't work when the weather is like this, so we've been practicing (or I have) for when he retires and we are together 24/7 ALL the time. LOL!

Saturday he suggested we just go for a drive up to Lake Isabella and see if there was any snow there.  The lake is only 50 miles from the valley, but the winding road makes the trip almost an hour long.
No snow there, but the lake is starting to show signs of filling up again.  The past couple of years of drought  has all but emptied it.........so that is a good sign.

We chose to drive over one of the summits and down the other side, but got stopped at the top with a Road Closed sign.  There was evidence of the last snow fall still on the ground.  It was starting to rain and the wind was coming up.......they were expecting 5-10 inches of snow that night.........time to get off the mountain!!!

Coming back down, the way we went up, we stopped at an interesting place to eat. It is in a very small town, still up in the mountains, named Kernville.  It is a locally known spot for big rodeos and what they call Kern Flat Days........just a small town celebrating that brings hundreds of people up the mountain.

This is where we stopped to eat. 
The first picture is a close-up of this sign that is painted on an old logging saw, pretty cool huh?

The entry with a split log bench for waiting customers.

From the parking lot........I ended up taking these on the way out instead of when we first got there.

The sky was dark and threatening more rain and/or snow.

My drink(s) for the T-Gang at Elizabeth's Blog
The food was very good, and PLENTY of it.  I had the steak and lobster special........little did I know I should have brought along a couple of friends to help eat it. LOL!  The lobster was polished off by DH and I and we brought home steak and baked potatoes........I didn't care for their mixed vegetables, it's hard to eat shredded carrots.  So we boxed up half our food, and then they brought out the dessert, that comes with the special.........really???? I did eat about 4 bites of it, then HAD to quit!!  DH loves ice cream, so while he ate a little more I went outside and took pictures.

Johnsondale is at the summit, and coming back down I had DH stop so I could get a quick photo of the natural water fall..........in the freezing wind and rain!!! Your welcome! (smile)

The waterfall isn't the only thing I had DH to stop for.........look at these ginormous pine cones!!!  I think the largest weighs at 4 pounds.  The water jug is a gallon size...just for comparison.


Last T-day I showed off my granddaughter's invite to partake in an Art Show for Children.
She is so excited and pleased as punch .......that smile says it ALL!

Speaking of smiles, I hope her stunning smile made YOU smile!!


  1. Your granddaughter's smile did make me smile. Her artwork looks great. The food for you outing looked delicious, and I liked the decor of the place. That dessert looked fantastic. Happy T-Day!

  2. That sundae looks so delicious. The salad looks healthier, but I haven't had a sundae in a long long time. And I have a couple of those giant pinecones that I got in California about 20 years ago. They sit happily on my fireplace mantel. I love that someone else gets as excited as me about giant pinecones. Hope your weather improves and you have a happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  3. The link on TSFT isn't working, I had to take a round-trip to get here. That's a really cool place you visited, looks great, love the saw and how it's been used. And of course you are proud of your gorgeous and talented granddaughter - you just have to be! Happy T Day, hope the weather gets better, hugs, Valerie


  4. Like Valerie, I had to find a different way to get to your blog today, Krisha. I have NO way to correct it, since I don't pay for the linky link up.

    What an absolutely beautiful place to eat. The decor looks fabulous and that painting announcing Ewings is lovely. I got full just reading everything you ate. Missed the lobster, though (grin). The sundae looked devilish and tempting.

    That waterfall is beautiful. I also have four of those large pine cones I brought back from CA one year. It's amazing how large they are. I use them in my Christmas vignettes.

    Danica's smile says it all. Her art is fabulous. She can truly be proud of what she has accomplished.

    Thanks for sharing your wine, your water, your trip up the mountain, and your awesome meal with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. A lovely post to read, your trip to the restaurant must have had great scenery, the waterfall looks beautiful. It looks a lovely place to eat and the portions so large, I'm not surprised you took some home.
    Thank you for sharing your Grand daughters photos, you must e so proud of her.
    Happy T day wishes
    Yvonne xx
    p.s. I also couldn't visit via Elizabeth's blog.

  6. She should be proud!!

    That sundae does look delicious!

    I didn't know pine cones even came that huge.

    Hope it quits raining for you guys, but it sounds like you needed some.

  7. Hi Krisha,

    I found the correct html address and added it to the link list. Hope you don't mind.

    Surf and turf - oh yum - I haven't had that treat in ages. Thank you for the waterfall photos (grin). Your phone takes great zoom shots! I have some huge pine cones like those but they're very lightweight. I use them to decorate during the Christmas holidays and, the rest of the year, keep them in a rustic basket by the fireplace. They're very cool.

    Yes, Danica's smile put a big smile on my face, Krisha - and so did her wonderful work of art!

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  8. that is some portion of food Krisha- kinda like my homemade chips on my plate this week:) I could never eat all that either. Looks like a nice, homey place. And those pinecones- wow I have never seen any that huge! happy T day1

  9. The trip sounds like a great place to go to chill out and you found a special place to eat and drink on the way back. The pica of the waterfall are very beautiful and the cones are just amazing.

    How lovely to see your granddaughter with her wonderful artwork you must feel so proud of her.

    Hope you enjoyed T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  10. Your lovely granddaughter's smile is so charming. Her artwork looks fantastic. The food for you outing lookedgreat and the decor of the place is simply unique!. And the dessert looked divine. Happy belated T-Day!

  11. That restaurant looks like a real treat! And the waterfall scene was definitely worth a stop even in the bitter cold. Thank you :)

    And thank you also for the smiling photo which did indeed make me join her in smiling :) Happy late T Day

  12. Oh that restaurant looks really nice. And sooo much food! You'll be eating for a week with the left-overs. But that ice cream looks really nice. I would have left plenty of room for that. Lobster you can take home, but ice cream has to be eaten! My hubby is also very fond of ice cream. What is it about men and ice cream?
    Those pine cones are gi-normous! There is a camp site that we used to go to when we had the campervan, and there they have those huge ones too. The pines are very tall and when one pine cone falls down it can really hurt if it falls on your head! I let them dry out and we use them for lighting the fire.
    Your granddaughter looks so proud. Her artwork is beautiful and she has good reason to be proud. I remember you telling us when she heard the news she was chosen to show her art. Well done lovely girl!
    Happy (belated) T-Day,

  13. What an adventure ! The scenery looks great and you found a great place to eat! So happy for your GD! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx

  14. Those are some huge pine cones. I am interested in what you do with them.
    Your meal looks absolutely delicious! Steak and lobster is making my mouth water.
    Happy Belated Tea Day,

  15. Danica's smile did make me smile! How could it not, Krisha?! What a fun impromptu day you two had! That restaurant and the surroundings are fantastic!! Hugs, Darnell


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