Sunday, September 30, 2012

Autum Wreath

Friday afternoon my cousin and I went "junk-n" (that is what we call hitting the thrift shops) I found this small straw wreath for 50 cents.  Then we hit the Dollar Store and I bought a hand full of silk flowers and leaves to decorate it.  I haven't made a wreath in years and realized just how rusty I am at it.  This is a little on the small side for the front lattice, but it does add a POP of color to the front of the house.
Here is a close view of it.  I didn't even glue the stem in place, just shoved them in and they stayed.  I did have to glue the hanger in the back for obvious reasons.....LOL  I didn't wait quite long enough for the hot glue to set before trying to hang it......wooooops there it lay in the flower bed!  Since I hate to wait on glue to set, or paint to dry I had Mr. O take me out to breakfast.  When we got back it was ready to hang.  There was no challenge for this project, except for the glue to dry LOL

Onto the next post.......see ya there

Inky Hugs

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