Thursday, September 6, 2012

Journal and Zentangles

 Thanks for all the comments on my WOWW post.  I did have a few requests for close-ups of my journal pages, so here they are: At the moment I have two going at the same time.  This first page is from the journal I have posted about in the past.  I have had this tissue paper with pocket watches on it forever and have used it to the last piece, which is on this page. ( If I ever come across it again I will buy it all.)  I gesso'd up the page and added the blue ink, then the printed tissue paper making sure it had wrinkles in it.  Up at the top is a piece of black hand made paper that I just brushed with a silver marker.  The mesh is what is used when repairing dry wall, confiscated from DH.  I added some stamped images from Reflections and watch parts from some old wrist watches I banged apart, and some Vintage Honey ink.  At the last minute I grabbed some packing bubbles, ran it across the ink pad and pressed it onto the page. The upper arms were some I had from when I thought I was going to re-do a clock (well, we see how that turned out, I threw away the clock and kept the pieces) Had a lovely time creating this page.
 This is the other journal that was on my work desk, only now it is finished.  I seem to have been caught up in the Zentangle! LOL I spent some TIME on You Tube watching art journaling and then onto Zentangles, what great inspirations!! I did use a circle stencil and then filled in the areas with designs.  As you can plainly see I'm not working on small pieces of paper. You ask how long did this take? (I know you did!)  I worked on it for 3 days, late afternoon's and at bed time. Is this a "new" thing for me? NOPE! been doing it forever, only now it has a name, besides doodling or scribbling.
 This page is opposite the page of TIME.  I colored the background then added some Zentangles that I had made while I was at work :o When you sit with headphones on and the calls have dropped to almost none, you still have to sit there.  So on scraps of paper I did these, two of many,  I cut trimmed them out and added them to the page with a few stamp flourishes.
 Last night I had been on You Tube (again) watching more Zentangle videos until it was late, but I wasn't really sleepy, and wanted to try a few things I had seen (so I would remember them......ya know I am getting to that age...I mean I AM at that age LOL) So I took the journal, and pens to bed with me and made some quick notes.  So here is what I am going to call a thought process, or warm up, or just notes.  I had a drawing teacher (many years ago) that taught us to warm up before we began, I still do that, but at 11:30 PM is not a good time to do this...LOL NOTE: during the week, when DH has to drive the big truck and get up at
un-Godly hours I take to the spare bedroom. Hope that isn't TMI......

 So, there I was all propped up, in bed, and not one bit sleepy.  Well, that is one thing ZentaNgles can do for you.......makes your brain relax (I think).  I flipped the page and began a new one, only I wanted to use the words that were floating around in my head (they make a banging sound if I don't use them) By the time I got this far I could hardly hold my eyes open. IT WORKED!! (well truth be known it was after mid-night)

So there are the journals I have been working on this week, I've also finished a few more scrapbook pages and a card or two.  Today is get packed and ready to head to San Diego in the morning.  I am traveling with my DIL and 2 GDs, then DH will follow after work.  Oldest son is already there helping his little brother with his new business. (they are 36 and 34 not so little anymore) THAT means I am going to have my whole family together! and THAT means all three of my granddaughters. STAY TUNED FOR LOTS OF PICTURES. LOL




  1. Gorgeous work, Krisha! I adore your pocket watches page - love all the wonderful layers (yes, I would hoard that tissue paper too!). And your tangles are marvelous - I especially love the Alice in Wonderland theme, it's so creative. Glad you didn't get too many calls that day! ;)

  2. Wowzers- sooooo cool! I am so interested in the Art Journals- I am trying to get the MoJo to create- without rubber stamps.....I LOVE the watches out of tissue- and the mesh...and the Zentagles: ) ..... sooo fun!

  3. Wonderful!! So happy I stopped by today. I have missed a lot but would not want to miss these. Fantastic!

  4. Great zentangles - particularly like 'Time' with the eye and the pastel background.

  5. gorgeous zentangles and journaling. inspirational. xo

  6. Beautiful pages! Love all the 'tangles and the clocks, especially, on that first one.

  7. Your journal page is amazing and I love your fab zentangles!