Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Zentangles~Zendoodles and Storage

 Since I can't share what I've been stamping,( cause it's a secret for an ATC Swap) I thought I'd share the Zentangle I finished last night. Last week Michael's had a 50% off coupon and I could not pass that up :)

 I was surprised that what I had originally gone in there for was 50% off already, so cursing around I found these Visual Journals.  This is the front paper cover, they are hard backed and the pages are just wonderful.  They are made for mixed media and acid free! So I bought 2 of them, one for Zentangles and one for an art journal ( my old art journal is nearly thrashed as it was a cheap scrapbook to start with and pages not meant for mixed media) So of course I had to test one out right away ( just like getting new school supplies at the beginning of the year LOL) so I 'tangled every night for about 15-30 minutes.  After reading up on Zentangles a little more, on the "net" I found they are originally supposed to be small, 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" and finished in about 15 minutes......hummmmm! I did try the smaller size and didn't really care for the constricting size so I have renamed these pages to Zendoodles, as some people refere to them as just doodling anyway.

 Yesterday I posted for WOWW, for today, what is on my work station, and that being new storage for my stamps.  I am changing over to CDs since I have over 250 of them. So why the picture of the shelf you ask?  This is the 4' shelf I used to store all my music CDs.  They ran all the way across standing on  end and then stacked flat on top of those. :O  I was wondering if the shelf was going to come off the wall or if the music would survive if we happened to have a good tremor or earthquake.  Yes we do live in THAT part of the world! I made an executive decision (LOL) and went to Office Depot and bought 1 CD storage binder that held 100 CDs, surely that would do just fine. ( I didn't count before I left)
 Well after Mr. O and I had dinner out I made him go back by Office Depot and I bought 1 more really nice one ( I still didn't count before I left) and a rather cheaper version just for the PC program discs and some art discs I use occasionally.  So here are the 2 nice ones and 1 from the dollar store that holds back up picture discs. (I am obsessive about NOT loosing any of my pictures and videos)   All 220 CD now sit in less than 12" Yeah!  The binder with the program discs fits nicely in a drawer, that's an other 48 cases!!!


 Not to mention (but I will) I still have these two containers full of music CD to get into an on coming binder. Why SO much music you ask? (by now I know your asking that, I am LOL) Since I have many moods I have many styles of music to fit them.......kinda like my shoes!  Anyway, so on to my storage part of this post.  What to do with all the cases?  Take out the middle and put stamps in them.  Something I've been wanting to do, but didn't want to buy any cases.


WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!  I really needed to clean out this cabinet and reorganise my stash. So here is the middle of my progress, when I walked back into this room I really was wondering WHAT WAS I THINKING!

This is the inside shot, after I had re-arranged the shelves and started the re-load process.  This really was a good idea, I needed to go through things, purge and find out what I still have.
So here the finished project, I even labeled everything :O  I am now in the process of getting stamps into the CDs.  These are all the older, heavier and slightly thicker cases.  I found that the clear cling stamps can actually be doubled in them on the front and back covers.  I use a Sharpie pen and write the manufacturer's name right on the case, behind each stamp.  My rubber stamps are mounted Halo style, with hook and loop, or Velcro.  I use a small amount of  the industrial hook part to hold the stamps in place, since the small ones tend to move around.
I hope you haven't been to bored with my going ons.    I did try the binder system, but with so many stamps and being such a visual person it didn't work for me.  
What or how do you store your stamps? I really would like to know! Well there are still 200 empty CD cases sitting beside my work desk, so I better get busy! 
Thanks for stopping in .......until later
Inky Hugs


  1. Hi Krisha!!!! you have everything in its place!!! wonderful photos!!!

  2. Thanks for the visual journal link! I've been trying and trying to find a good journal - this looks perfect!

    don't you feel so good after labeling everything!

  3. Hi Krisha,your cabinet looks spick and span amazing what we accumulate....I am also very into zentangling,but mine are not half as good as yours....more like doodling,,,,oh by the way I pack my car,drive to the harbour and get a ferry to the island it is a 9 hour boat ride...hugs

  4. Hubby went to the binders for a large portion of his music collection. It sure freed up a lot of space. Those things are HEAVY though. He doesn't use the CDs much, he uses him MP3 player so it is nice having them in the binders.

    I loved the mid-project shot of the mess no the floor. Why is that tidying up always makes a much bigger mess first?! It is so nice to have it done though.

    Love the zentangle/zendoodle. I rather prefer the abstract designs rather than them being an actual figure. I like the inclusion of the word 'dream.'

  5. Love the Zentangle design!! Glad to see someone else makes a mess in the cleaning process! Always end up asking myself why I was doing it and how did I get so much stuff in the first place! Hope the sorting project works out the way you want it to!