Tuesday, September 4, 2012

WOWW 170

Hope you got here by way of , if not pull up a seat anyway and stay awhile because it's;
An other WOWW.....well it's Wednesday in some places, and will be here in about 1 hour!!  So here is my work desk, two of my art journals that I have been working on this week and yes it has been cleaned up.  It all started with the need to get some wine put away. So what does that have to do with stamping you ask? Well here is a shot from a few feet back.
 On each end is a wine cooler, the tall black boxes! The little white tags name what is on each shelf........only THEY are out of date. I didn't re tag tonight, just needed to get the wine out of the boxes and off the floor....LOL
So once the wine was put in the coolers I started to clean and rearrange my foot space, then it worked my way up.  Needed to go through the containers and sort things out and regroup...... I found not one but FOUR of my drawing pencils I have been looking for!! I HATE to spend time looking for something I KNOW I have!!  So that is it for this week, an evening of straightening up, and now it is off to bed for me.  Thanks for coming by, come back again and bring your wine glass, oh never mind, I have plenty of wine glasses to go around.....just bring a smile.


  1. Great pic, love your journals. Take care Zo xx 98

  2. I love that you work in a form of organized chaos too! I usually know what is on the desk, but often find one of my missing things at the bottom too!!

  3. Looking that journal page is quite similar to one I started week or so back. Yours is lovely, and wow login your storage :)


  4. You're on - I'll bring some nibbles to have with the wine!! I should be there in..oh.. 36 hours or so..LOL!!
    Love your zentangle and steampunk artwork..very nice indeed :)
    Hugs, LLJ #81 xx

  5. Wine & craft stash - that has to be a killer combo ! Do show us closer up in your journal !! Ali #57

  6. Lovely artwork, they look stunning.

    Don't mind if l do share a glass of wine thank you :)

    Happy WOYWW, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    #99 xxx

  7. Loving the journals. If I had wine coolers in my craftroom, maybe my friends would come over more often for play dates. :)
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #70

  8. Ohhhh your journals are gorgeous. The detail is amazing.
    Sandra @144

  9. those pages are awesome.
    where do you put your feet/legs etc under that busy busy table?
    thanks for popping by earlier
    caroline #14

  10. I lost my Making Memories hole puncher every time I clean my space I image the magical moment where I find it in some inconspicuous place...Mika #146