Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Canvas of Numbers

If you follow my blog you will have seen this canvas on WOYWW a couple of times.  I made it for my DIL's birthday, which was Feb 14.  I try not to mix her birthday with valentine's, just isn't quite fair.  I had painted the background with acrylics, then pondered how I wanted to put the numbers on it.  I finally decided to cut them with the Cricut and glue them on.  That was working, but not the colors I chose Hummmmmm!  I chose a second set of colors and re-cut the numbers and stacked them.  THAT worked for me!  What are the numbers you ask?  Well they are birth dates and their wedding date ( the red and gold)  The top two are my son and DIL and the bottom two are the girls' birth dates.  I took her out to lunch last Friday and gave it to her, yes she loved it. 
I cannot take full credit for this idea I saw it on Pinterest, but can't find the link again to give credits, sorry!


  1. It's really beautiful. A wonderful gift extremely well executed.

  2. That's a clever card! I like the significance of the numbers, the way you've highlighted a certain one, very nice indeed!
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xxxx

  3. Your canvas is worked out very well - I like the gold letters specially. What i also like are your grandies - the smallest is looking really like a doll..
    My birds are waiting for better weather to fly out and look for their branches.
    Thank you Krisha!

  4. Thank you for your visits to my blog, Krisha. This is the first time I have been to yours and I am quite impressed, especially with your mixed media work, including the canvas and box. You do super work.

    I just got off the phone with Sally, my friend, neighbor and QVC junkie who gave me the Quirky. Yep, she got it from QVC. Hope that helps. I'm off to add it to my blog post, too. So thanks for being en"q"uiring!

  5. Hi Krisha - what a good idea for a really personal keepsake. I also LOVE the mixed media piece in your previous post - gorgeous! Thanks for visiting my blog for WOYWW, Chris x

  6. Just saw your blue mixed media canvas below. It's beautiful!
    Happy late WOYWW,
    RosA # 87

  7. Very cool number canvas! The gold numbers in the center really pop! Fabulous!