Saturday, February 2, 2013

My First Vintage/Shabby Chic Canvas

Ya know, I have been doing this type of thing for years, but never with a picture or on a canvas.  See where Youtube can take you?  Here is where my coffee stained flowers ended up, along with lots of lace, trims, silk flowers, buttons and pearls all mounted on a vintage paper and then splattered( the spray bottle was not on the same wave length with me this morning).  Edges were ages with TH vintage photo ink.  The picture is of my Grandmother and her second husband "Grandpa Jeff"on their wedding day, no I don't have the date at my finger tips, but it is in the family stuff somewhere.  I tend to be the one that all the family tree type stuff gets left to, so I have a LOT of family history filed away, from both sides of the families.  Someday I'll get it all in order for my sons........someday.    There is an other mixed media canvas I am really wanting to do, way more involved, but I need to gather a few more items for that one and some supplies that I am running very low on.  So while your reading this I am on my way to Hobby Lobby with a girlfriend for a little shopping trip and lunch.  It is an hour away from here, but we have both been wanting to check it out.  I did get to one while in Colorado this fall.  For the size of California I only found ONE in the whole state!!  Thank goodness it isn't located way up north, like in San Francisco, that's a 3 1/2 hr drive!!!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  1. Gorgeous canvas and what a great way to pass on some family history, have fun shopping!
    Hugs Lynn

  2. Stunning! You captured the style perfectly!

  3. That's beautiful.
    Such a wonderful heirloom.
    I love the flowers and everything.
    It's a great idea for an anniversary gift for a big anniversary.

  4. love the vintage effect with that photo

  5. it is just right -- really strikes a nostalgic mood. beautiful color and design. xo

  6. This is so beautiful, Krisha... delicate, vintage colours, so perfectly embellished, and I happen to love the splatter!
    Alison x

  7. Where did you go to HL? There are a couple South of me, one near Disneyland and the other Temecula, I think! What a great family treasure you created in this canvas! Beautiful!

  8. This is gorgeous. IT shows up the photo so well.

    I'm a family history "messer" too, I seem to have lots of info but not in the order it should be LOL.