Monday, February 11, 2013

Wall Painting

Looking into the corner where her bed will be

Branch where her name will hang
Happy Monday to all in blog-land.  What a whirl wind weekend I had. Went to San Diego Thursday and stayed through Sunday morning, this was the weekend for my DIL's baby shower.  Thursday afternoon we got our visiting done and talked about what she wanted painted on Danica's bedroom wall.  She had gotten a picture off the Internet of what she had in mind.  The picture of the tree was all in white, but we decided on doing it in color, with a few alterations..... you know me, I have to put a different spin on everything. It was a tall skinny tree, so that is the way I went, and it worked! So all day Friday I painted!! I had forgotten my art brushes so this was all painted with those sponge brushes.  I had to trim a couple them down to about 1", but it got painted.  I did get DIL to give me a couple Q-tips to make the dots in the center of the flowers.The branch on the main wall is long on purpose so that Dani'sletters for her name can hang from the branch.  I also got busy and painted the dresser and bookcase for this room.  Baby brother comes next month and Dani needs to get moved into her "New Room" and settled by then.  The wooden letters came home with Grandma so I can get them re-painted to match her new room and quilt set.  Saturday was the baby shower and it turned out so good, a little cool but nice.  It was on the patio of Sammy's Restaurant.  The salads and pizza were so yummy!  Hope everybody had a good weekend and kept warm.  Thoughts and prayers to those that got hit by the blizzard over the weekend.

Grandma's #1 helper......oh ya!

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