Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine Tangle and picture of me

Since my dog decided she needed to go out side early this morning, I thought I might get some catch-up posting started.  Can you believe it is the February 1st already?  I remember bits and pieces of January, but not enough to fill 31 days. ( couldn't be my age......LOL!).  So during football playoffs, when my team wasn't doing their jobs, I did a quick tangle of hearts.  I left this one more open and lighter.
Since my profile picture is old enough to make a few of you wonder about me really being married for over 30 years ( thank you so much, you made my days, weeks, and months!!) I felt it wasn't fair to lead you on.  That profile picture was taken 8 years ago, at my 25 year class reunion!!! Yes, that would make me 63 this May! The one below was taken this past Christmas. OH YES, I do keep my hair colored religiously, comes from all those years of working in a beauty salon. LOL and vanity. I am usually the one TAKING the pictures, so there really aren't many of me.  This one is a crop from a family picture with my youngest granddaughter.  My hair is shoulder length ( pulled back here, obviously) but pictures of me with it down can only be posted at Halloween......that's the truth!!


  1. Love your tangled hearts... And even with the new pic I don't believe you can have been married for over 30 years!!
    Alison x

  2. Love the hearts. I've got you by 5 years. Just turned 68 on the 25th. and been happy for 47 years to my DH.( time flies) Thanks for your post.

  3. love the tangled hearts! Beautiful! You do not look your age by any means! I will be celebrating 30 years of wedded bliss his JUne. Where did the time go!?


  4. Totally love this! Love the way the hearts interlock, almost like an optical illusion. Super job!

  5. Lovely zentangle and I love it combined with the hearts - it looks wonderful! (and you def. don't look your age - think those lovely GD"s keep you young!!) x