Monday, November 4, 2013

I Believe it's T-Day

Christmas tags T-Day 020
coffee here

 Oh my, what does that mean?  It means that this is my post for T stand for Tuesday, with Elizabeth and Bluebeard , and a chance to wander around and see what others have in their cuppas and what they have been doing since last we met.  A very cheerful group that are willing to show you their "Mug Shots" for the week.
Okay, so here is the second cup I bought a couple weeks ago, if you were here last T-Day I shared the green on that said "Keep Calm and Move ON", only I didn't have the spoon in the slots of the handle.  I really am thinking about going back and getting a couple more of these red ones for Christmas gifts.
Christmas tags T-Day 018
This morning I started a walking routine, that I HOPE I keep doing more than one day a week. LOL  My poor dog, Dyna, is getting to look more like a red pig-dog, or as my cousin says a keg on legs. So, I figure she is going to be a good walking buddy!
I used to  be an avid walker, about 10 years ago, making a 4 mile loop everyday in 60 minutes.  Then I started having some problems with my right foot, and to make a long story short, I had surgery.  They removed a joint in one toe and drove a
Christmas tags T-Day 019long pin through my toe and into the bone of my foot. Walking stopped, and now I buy shoes strictly for comfort! (But I really miss my pretty high heels LOL)
After my 25 minute, 3/4 mile walk (talk about slowing down!) I had some MOJO time with Betsy (ya know, my desk), making three large Christmas tags, due to be posted later.  Then I went into the spare bedroom (more like the house hold dumping grounds) and did a thorough cleaning, even did the ironing that had piled up.  Yep, there are still some shirts and thing I do like ironed.  As I was cleaning and dusting I decided to share this box I have had for years.  I had taken part in a domino swap, I think it was 4 for 4, and I did a large number of them.  These are the ones that I received in return.  They are glued to the top of a large cigar box that had been my FIL's. Now there are a few that I have dusted off the designs over the years, but in part most are still as pretty as the day I received them.
So, that's my mug shot and my share.  What are you drinking today, and what have you been doing since last we met?


  1. Golly, I had NO idea about your surgery. I'm in awe that you made as much progress as you did. When Bleubeard puts on his winter weight, he looks like a bowling pin with legs when he sits. I like how your cousin described Dyna. Too funny.

    You put my cigar box to SHAME, dear. This is awesome. Really like the mosaic style you came up with from these swap doms.

    Thanks for mugging me today! Love this red one, especially. It would indeed make a great gift and, as an added bonus, would make a good gift holder, too.

  2. Now that's one way to use your dominoes. I have a pile of them from an old swap and never knew what to do with them. This is a great idea.

  3. Totally agree, those mugs would make lovely gifts and I am really loving your cigar box with the dominoes, how fabulous is that for displaying swap items?
    Ouch to the walk, but so glad you are starting again, just don't overdo it!

  4. Oooh, I don't like the idea of a pin in the foot! Sounds like torture. Hope it doesn't hurt...


  5. Hi Krisha - that foot op sounds painful - I have a friend who had to have a needle thingy done and I couldn't even listen to here tell the details!! Love the mug so neat with the spoon and your cigar box looks fabulous.... Happy T Day... Mxx

  6. I'm trying to jumpstart my walking routine again even without having a pet to motivate me. Slowing down is better than stopping and I applaud your motivation!

    The mug would make a great gift whose contents could also be personalized.

    What a fantastic way to display the dominos you received! Reminds me I have some boxes waiting to be altered.

  7. Such a clever mug/spoon combo. Really like the cigar box too.

    I'm another walker with problems. Long story. I still get out and walk for an hour every morning. Not fast but at least I'm consistant. Too bad we can't walk together.


  8. Oh my goodness...I love that cigar box! lovely! Good luck with the walking routine...I am working on it too...happy Tuesday!

  9. Hello Krisha! I am so excited to see your blog. I am Melissa from Creative Treasures on Wordpress. Thank you so much for hopping along with us!

    I have exciting news... you have won the giveaway I have on my blog!

    Please feel free to email me your address so I can get this pretty package out to you!

    So happy we are new friends!

  10. Hello, so nice to see you again. I LOVE LOVE that red cup. Would LOVE to have one!! Will keep a look out for it.
    How beautiful your cigar box came out, so awesome seeing the variety in one spot. WOW!
    My walking routine has lessened and I need to start it back up and stick with it this time. Seems this last year I've gotten lazy. Wishing you luck on yours.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy T day !

  11. I love your domino box, so cool.
    Good luck with your new walking routine!!
    Happy T to you,

  12. aw, if you lived closer I could take her for a walk! Your box is lovely! Do a little everyday, every little bit helps!Happy T Day!


  13. Love that mug! I understand about foot pain. I've broken my big toe on my right foot twice...both times were a compound fracture. Nothing like a pin but it certainly takes you out of the race. My hubby used to call the dog I grew up with a "bread loaf with legs". :)
    Keep at the walking...I'm sure it will help you both. I'm trying to get back in the routine of working out...
    Happy Tuesday....a day late!

  14. Such a pretty mug you have shared. It looks so right for Christmas. Thank you for sharing the art on the little boxes.

  15. I am in love with that coffee cup, I need that and yes they would make great presents.
    Hope you get your walking mojo back, you can walk for me too thanks LOL.
    Happy T day, sorry its a bit late