Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WOYWW 232~Betsy and the Shelf

 Just look at the work space!!  It took some maneuvering of many different things, but I have SPACE on Betsy! LOL Thursday I encountered a scrapbook store that was closing ( so sad to see it go) and I wondered around a picked up a few good sale items, like Dylusions  spray inks at 50% off. (so I got one of each color they had left LOL, been wanting some of these)  In fact the whole store, fixtures and all were 50% off..  They have been in the closing mode for awhile, because there really wasn't much really good stuff left.  I came across a shelf and brackets that I knew would fit my space, and Betsy is really in need of GOOD shelving, so I picked it up. (grin)
Well, if you have been here before you know how much stuff has been crammed into poor ole Betsy.  As I removed all the junk things from the area I wanted to put the shelf I got to organizing a few of the other areas and making some work space.  I finally decided that my two wine coolers really should be closer to the wine glasses and way more accessible, so they got moved into the kitchen.  Not an easy task as they house about 75 bottles of wine that have to be removed before the coolers could be moved.........then restocked once in place in the kitchen. That left the space under the work top empty.  I have a couple of Iris carts that had been stored in a metal cabinet, just out of reach, so I brought them out, slid the desk DH works at down about 8" and set up more of a U shape work area.  I moved my turning wood storage to the top of one of the carts, it now sits lower and I can really see what I have in it now.....LOVE IT!
Okay, I know your here for WOYWW, and not to hear about my cleaning and organizing, so what is ON Betsy this week?

Happy mail!!!  A couple weeks ago the Gecko Gals were having a blog hop and I went through them all, leaving comments.  Then I get an e-mail from Melissa saying I won something for leaving a comment.  It came today and WOW is it great!  Everything on the large manila evny is what came inside it.
To the left are some Gecko Gals prints for some Christmas ornaments I'm making for a swap.  The turquoise box is holding some chip board shapes, for later.  Between the mail and the black basket thingy are the start of the ornaments I'm making ( sliver shapes), scissors, pointy thing, my Mod Podge, Dolphin paper weight, cold cup of coffee and my glasses.
Are you linked up and ready to play?  What!!! You must immediately jump over to Julia's blog: Stamping Ground , check out WOYWW at the top and get ready to play with all the rest of us nosy bloggers.
AND if you will be linked, when Queen Julia gets it up on her blog, I'll be around to take a good snoop.
Inky Hugs


  1. Betsy is really getting a workout. It's hard not to purchase the right shelving. Have fun with your winnings. #13

  2. Sucha shame about the closing of the scrap shop but didn't you do well out of it? Love the shelving and it looks so good with space and being able to see what you have and what you ar doing! Annette #5

  3. Wow Betsy does look very tidy and organised. Lucky you for getting those bargains but a shame the shop had to close.
    Have a great week,
    Von #26

  4. Although I'm not playing this week, I had to make sure the link worked (grin). Sounds like you got some bargains at that store closing. I've found the earlier you get to those places, the less the discount. Come later, better bargains, but less items. Sounds like people weren't familiar with the spray inks or they would have been snatched up in the blink of an eye. I've never even SEEN them, but know that everyone I visit seems to tout them (and inktense or whatever the name is watercolor pencils).

    I'm impressed with all the lovely products you have to work with. I have a ton of stuff, but it's all from people's trash or recycle bins, not lovely tools and products like I see on your desk. Happy Wednesday, dear.

  5. What a lot of wine to move.
    good buys from the scrapbook store closing . Don't you just love a bargain. Happy woyww Jill #28

  6. Loving the new improved craft room though shame the shop is closing x

  7. Betsy looks good today - but so much space, what will you do!! You have been very busy sorting the space out and pickin up some bargains too. Have a good week. Helen 17

  8. Hi there. Just popping my head round the door to say hi.
    Thanks for the peek into your creative world today.
    Hope you have a good week too.

  9. I see you have been doing some changes - love your crafty space - so much wonderful things to see! He, he was that really a good idea to move the wine - you might want a drink for a bit of inspiration!!! :-)
    Lots of hugs,

  10. Wow nothing like going to a closing down sale to find stuff no one else wants but would totally suit your desk.
    Bridget #6

  11. lol love the desk name. Glad you got to get goodies, and the sprays you may want to h20 them down .. they are very strong. Thanks for sharing your photos and bright blessing to you and yours. Roberta 68

  12. Oooh lucky you with the happy mail, always the best kind. Betsy is looking quite organised and we love the view of your creative space this week. It looks so inviting.

    The bears@#74

  13. Betsy's looking great...neat and orderly and so brightly lit. Have fun Happy snooping Carole #97

  14. I hate to hear of stores closing but at the same time I have to say what a bargain! and who doesn't love happy mail? I got some myself and it was such a joy.

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (20)

  15. Wow! Lucky you! I do blog hops all the time and never win anything! Your desk looks lovely and bright, with everything at your fingertips! Nice!

  16. Betsy is stocked, stashed, and ready to roll! And lucky you getting that lovely prize in the mail. Well, you had asked me how big my dollhouse is. I have an earlier post that shows the whole dollhouse, but it is three stories--I think it was originally purchased from Michaels long ago as a prop for a production of Secret Garden. Have a crafty week! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #25

  17. hi krisha thanks for visiting earlier and your comment i haven't came across your site before but wow loving your work area and it has a name even better !..a feast for the eyes. ! ..glad to hear you've had a re-arrange and happy with the result must say though I cant picture 75 bottles of wine that a a lot !! happy woyww hope to be back again soon great post Andrea #35

  18. Happy mail is always fun and uplifting! :)

    Have a great creative week!
    Susan nr 44 woyww

  19. you are one busy beaver Krisha! an 75 bottles of wine! LOL No wonder you are such a happy gal!

    Thanks for the visit!

    Hugs, Robin 80

  20. Krisha, so great to see your space. I bet Betsy is pleased with the re-org! Nice winnings. I hate to see a craft store go out of business, but I do like a bargain. Thanks for swinging by my blog earlier, the Thank You is a Silhouette cut file. Cx

  21. Great post this week - sometimes I think I actually enjoy re-organising my craft room as much as making stuff. And you can never beat a good shelf!! Thanks for stopping, Cindy #50

  22. Hi Krisha
    So Betsy has a space! That must be due to the major overhaul you have been having. Sounds good.
    Congratulations on your fabulous win - and on finding the store had some Dylusion sprays left. Sorry about the store closing - I don't have one anywhere near me nowadays. So sad.
    Hugs & thanks for visiting me earlier, Neet xx 22

  23. Always awesome to get happy mail! It is sad to see craft stores go out of business, but you got some great stuff!

  24. Your desk looks fabulous, Krisha! Oh wow, I won something on that hop, too--was just doing it because I "know" quite a few of the people who posted, so what a fun surprise--I saw your name on the ornament swap, btw.

    Have a great week, and thank you for stopping by this woyww!

  25. Well done - greatly impressed at all your hard work these last few days. Such lovely looking happy mail, too. Have fun trying it all out.
    Margaret #42

  26. Hi Krisha, thanks for visiting! Well done on the bargains, but sad that the store is closing. I only have one Dylusion spray and I keep looking out for ebay bargains! My local store doesn't have much in the way of craft supplies.
    Well done on the shelf and the tidying too! Love the paperweight, I have a collection of them in a cabinet.
    Cazzy x

  27. Honestly, I think I need a basement for all my sewing, painting and stamping crafts! I wish I could get organized! Sounds like you hit the jackpot on the Dylusions Sprays! Enjoy them!

  28. I love that your desk is called Betsy! And she does look good for having a bit of space to play on...

    Congrats on your GG win!
    Alison x