Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Late for T.............again!

I usually post my T-day on Monday night or very early on Tuesday morning, but Today I'm rather late, even for me.  What am I going on about?  Check it our here at The Altered Book Lover: Elizabeth and her pal Bluebeard
I woke up early this morning and what do ya know, Mr. MOJO was here ready to go.........OH WAIT!  It was my CLEANING MOJO!!! LOL So I went over the bedrooms and bathrooms, keeping them up and tidy, vacuumed and dusted, as I had deep cleaned them last week.  Then, since DH was home and hogging this PC, I decided (with a huge push for Mr. MOJO) that I really did need to finish the kitchen.  All the cabinets are done inside and out, but in scrubbing the outsides of the cabinets I managed to leave a clean strip on the ceiling!!! Yep! I had bought a brand new mop and the first place it was used was on the kitchen ceiling!  Then onto scrubbing the tile and grout before giving the floor the cleaning it has needed for weeks.  By now it was lunch time and I was starving, so I made me a delish salad with "spring mix" greens, sliced onion, quartered grape tomatoes, basil and tomato flavored Feta cheese and some ranch dressing.  Over the top of that is a Tbs. Flax seeds and a Tbs. of Chia seeds and some diced roast beef.  YUMMMMMMM!  My drink is what was in the empty bottle next to my cup.
So now it is time for me to go a hopping around to see what everybody else has in their cups, or HAD in them......LOL
Oh, by the way this is the second time Mr. MOJO has been here in the past 5 days.  Over the weekend I installed a new shelf over Betsy, but that is for tomorrow's WOYWW so come back and catch up on me and Betsy!
Inky Hugs


  1. Wow, you are a cleaning machine! Hope you get a little time to relax, too. Happy T Day!

  2. Please make sure that MoJo does not enter my domain!

  3. LOL, you just wore me out with all that dusting and polishing! Don't suppose you fancy popping over to help me clean through for my Mum's arrival next week? Nah? Sure? ;)

  4. I was blown away by all that cleaning you did. It would have taken me longer than just till lunch to do all that. In fact, I've been puttering for three days, and still don't have my kitchen as clean as I want it. And that's just on the OUTSIDE where you can see things.

    Now that's what I call a salad. Leave off the beef and I'll join you. Especially since you like ranch dressing, too. Yum.

    Late or not, thanks for joining me for T today. I'm off to add you to my sidebar just as soon as I finish my kitchen (grin).

  5. Wow you are a fast cleaner once you get going! All that and a healthy salad for lunch--now that's a happy T day!

  6. Hello, I'm a little late too, glad you joined us anyhow. WOW, I can't believe you did all that in one morning. Wish I could have that much energy and motivation. The salad looks good and sounds good.
    Hope you relaxed after it was all done and maybe even a lazy day for today.
    Happy T Day to you!

  7. Wow! The cleaning bug has grabbed ahold of you! Seems like so many people are cleaning and reorganizing lately. Must be the change of season.
    Happy very late T-Day! :)