Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ready for Holiday T

Showing off my new coffee cups that I have added to my Christmas china for T with Elizabeth and Bluebeard this week. 

I have a full set of this china, from Lenox, that Mr. O and I started buying years ago.  I LOVE this pattern and now it has been discontinued so outlets and high end discount stores are about the only places left to find it.
 Imagine my surprise when I went into Home Good and found it.  They didn't have a lot of it, but they did have some coffee cups. 

I did call Mr. O for a decision on weather to buy them, he didn't answer his phone.  So I shopped the rest of the store circled back, made an "executive decision" and put 4 in my cart. LOL  He is not a coffee or tea drinker so it was never important, to him, if we had coffee cups for the set or not.

The candelabra is an old Home Interior piece that had been my Mom's.  I only use it during the holidays now and store it decorated.  I normally use long tapers in it, but I have become addicted to the flameless candles.  So much safer when the GDs are around.

So now the house is decorated and all my shopping is finished, and only some baking is left to be done. I am waiting till Friday so my GD Megan can help me when I get to have her all day. That reminds me I need food coloring and have to get out the cookie cutters.......

A photo of our tree for Elizabeth

The mantel.  The small desk to the left was made by my FIL when he was in high school.  Plate above is an antique for Mr. O's aunt, they were antiques dealers at one time and she passed a lot of things to us.

Under the TV, sorry not the best shot.  Three angles were my Mom's, more Home Interior

My nutcracker I won when I worked for West Elm stands at the front door.  The table is a family heirloom too.  It was bought by Mr. O's grandmother for HER mother, with the first check she made teaching school.  No the telephone doesn't work.
This year we will be celebrating the weekend after Christmas, as that is when my youngest son and family can make it; and my oldest DIL just found out that her grandfather's cancer has returned and he is not doing well.  I told her to go spend this Christmas with them, as I'm sure this will be his last.  She didn't like the idea of me and the Mr. being alone, but we are really okay with it, and we will have the whole family here over the weekend.

Well, it is time to stop rattling on and get linked up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard and see what's in everyone's cup, mug, or glass.  Hope you will join us.
Inky Hugs


  1. Oh Krisha, I'm in awe of that tree. I haven't had a big tree in YEARS, mainly because I have lost the desire to remove a bunch of furniture, then put it back later. Yours is gorgeous.

    Those mugs are stunning. I've seen that pattern before, and am surprised that such a good seller would be discontinued. I'm delighted you were able to get them.

    Thanks for showing the other lovely decorations, too. I think your home is warm and loving. And thanks also for sharing it during T today.

  2. what beautiful decorations!! I still am wrapping up card making before I tackle decorating-but I don't feel pressure as our son is grown, I'm not entertaining this year, and we have no grand kids.Happy T day!

  3. Hello and Happy T Day to you!

    WOW, that is one huge and gorgeous tree, LOVE IT!! Great job decorating it and the rest of your decorating looks beautiful and festive too!
    How pretty your new tea cups are, how nice to add them to your collection.

    Enjoy your visit with family when they come, good that you celebrate whenever it's best for all. We have a crazy month too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, you have done a spectacular job decorating for the holidays! Your home looks like it should be in a magazine. Enjoy your T Day!

  5. You made the right executive decision. The mugs are so pretty. My daughter has a special set of Christmas china, she starts using it on Dec. 1 every year.


  6. Your home looks lovely--so warm and inviting. I'm glad you were able to snatch up those cups to go with your set. Happy T day!

  7. oh what a beautiful tree! and the rest of your decorations too. I love how you have pieces from your mom and dad.
    It's great that you were able to find those cups at Home Goods. I love that store and have to stay out of it this time of year.

  8. Your house is so beautifully decorated. I just didn't have my heart in it this year. Not sure why but much of our decorations remain in the totes.
    Happy Tuesday!

  9. How pretty and festive your house is already
    your new cups are something I am sure you will enjoy using very much each Christmas season...
    Happy T Day to you

  10. Your holiday decorations are so beautiful. Love all of them. The Christmas cups are very pretty.

  11. Lovely cups! Oh your decorations are Sooo pretty and festive! Happy T a day late.

  12. Lovely decorations...and gorgeous festive the red ribbons on the tree too! happy T day...very late...and happy holidays!

  13. Very pretty holiday cups! Your home is so nicely decorated. Lovely! :) Happy belated T-Day!