Monday, December 2, 2013

T stands for Treat Time on Tuesday and Thanks

Thank you to all that came by while I was gone and left such nice comments.  I am working on getting back around to each of you asap.
My treat this afternoon (Monday) after going to the bank, the post office and the store was a small bowl of oven roasted almonds, lightly salted and a hot, homemade latte YUMMMM!  It is still early Monday evening here in SOCAL but I am ready to link up to Elizabeth and Bluebeard's T Stands For Tuesday . A chance to show off your drink and talk about anything you rules, but maybe a guideline.

I do hope all my USA bloggers enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving last week.  We had 6 great days up on the desert and we arrived back home late Saturday night.  Sunday we spent the day emptying and cleaning the playhouse.  Of course there was a pile of laundry that took ALL day to do.......LOL
I am still trying to rehydrate, no matter how much water I drink and how much lotion and moisturizer I use while I am there I come home with dry hair, skin and chapped lips, even my nose is chapped this time!!

Later tonight I might start dragging out the Christmas decorations and putting them up.  I wasn't going to decorate this year, but my youngest son called me (yep his call came through) and said since they couldn't make the desert they were coming home for Christmas.  My other DIL (the one that lives closest) is having a serious tissue grafting done to her upper teeth the Friday before Christmas, and might not even be able to eat Christmas dinner, so I had kind of put the festivities on the back burner.  BUT now I am excited and ready to decorate form top to bottom for my grandkids.  I'll need to get with it so it is finished before we head south for #3 GD's birthday party. Then there are a few dead lines I have to make amongst all the decorating and re packing..............."see grandma run!!""

So how is your Tuesday going and what are you doing this week?

Inky Hugs


  1. Nice treat Krisha, warmed almonds..mmmm. And see Grandma run - made me laugh, how exciting for you, am glad that you've a reason to decorate! Enjoy.

  2. I'm so glad people dropped by while you were in the desert, because I was NOT one of them. I was so wrapped up in AEDM, I couldn't see the forest for the trees. For that I apologize. I'm hoping December slows a bit, but right now, it sounds like we are both moving full throttle.

    All that cleaning has paid off for you, and now you can truly decorate from top to bottom.

    Almonds are SO good for you. And I like that version of the "Stay calm" mug. Looks like it's rather appropriate for today.

    Thanks for joining T today. It might not seem like it, but I really DID miss you.

  3. Sounds like you have quite a bit going on. I really like you "Keep Calm" mug-it's a good adage to not let too much get to you. Happy decorating!

  4. Your stay calm mug is perfect for this time of year. Oh, I feel for your daughter. I had some extensive dental surgery early this year and it took ages before I could eat anything but soup. Have a great time decorating.


  5. I love to decorate, no matter what but it makes it extra special to have a house full to enjoy it.
    Happy T to you

  6. Oh my everybody is 'running' and here I sit. :/ well, up off my tush and back to the studio I go. Hope all goes well for your D, have fun with the holiday decorating ...catch a breath and enjoy your almonds and latte. Hugs

  7. Just know you will enjoy every minute of Xmas and the pre. Home from valley where the quiet of night was broken by immigration helicopters flying along the rio grande.

  8. I love almonds...they are so yummy. Cute mug too...good luck hauling out the decorations- I have barely started and not sure how much is going to get done this year! happy T day!

  9. Nuts and a nice drink sound just right!
    Glad you had a nice getaway...
    We just returned from a trip to CO and it seemed like I could not get enough water to drink while we were traveling...
    Happy December T day

  10. The grands will make Christmas special! Nice! :)

    I feel all dried out like that as soon as I have to turn on the heat in the cold weather. I ordered a little table humidifier and they help some. Wore out the old one last year. Enjoy your decorating and I hope you DIL's surgery goes well. :)

  11. Hello and Happy T Day! I like your mug, haven't seen that one before. I just almonds today at lunch, never had them warm though, sounds good.
    How nice to have family home for Christmas, even if it means we have work to do before they get there. Hang in there and enjoy it.