Tuesday, December 17, 2013

T Stands for Tuesday: The Kid and the Cookies

Tuesday morning here, and once again it's time to link up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard

This week's pics are of last Friday when my granddaughter, Megan spent the day with me.  Our Styrofoam cups are holding plain old water, which was a good idea with all the sugar going on.  I had baked the cookies the night before so she could decorate. 

She LOVES sprinkles, and frosting in a tube.

Her idea of adding sprinkles is by the hand full

In front of the tree

acting like her daddy
acting like her Uncle Tony
dressed for a walk acting like her grandma........LOL
her shadow angel
stopped for a photo opt. in my friends flower bed.
On to making snowflakes, once painted they need some snow attached.  She is sprinkling Kosher salt and glitter on them. 

she never gets tired of sprinkling

our end results.
So that's my Tuesday post, the snow flakes are all hanging in the open areas of the living room and dinning room.  She also made me a beautiful paper chain for the fireplace. 
I'm just getting my cards in the mail today, cutting it very close this year.
What are you drinking today? Are you ready for the holiday?
Inky Hugs


  1. What a sweetheart! You must treasure your time with her. :) Looks like you had a lot of fun. Sprinkling IS a lot of fun. I can't blame her. ;)
    I'm drinking black coffee, of course.
    Happy T-Day!!

  2. Looks like she is a lot of fun and keeps you on your toes!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. such a darling girl "sprinkling" smiles and cuteness wherever she goes I'm sure...

    you all know how to have a good time!

    I FINALLY got a handful of cards in the mail today...poor post office will be in a real crunch because I think so many of us are in the same 'late' boat ;)

    Happy T Day to you

  4. I can see that you had a lovely time with your sweet little granddaughter.
    Love those snowflakes.

  5. what a cutie pie! and quite the little decorator...such fun expressions in her imitations...had to laugh at those great martini glasses! happy T day!

  6. You are so lucky to have such an adorable helper! I grabbed a bit of cookies as I was visiting...just delicious!

  7. What a great helper you had over the weekend. Looks like she's a real doll and a big ham, too. Love those snowflakes. They are SO glittery, even in the photos.

    Sorry I'm late. My internet is down and will be for a couple of days, so I'm at my neighbor Sally's working on her laptop, which is NOT fun. I'm no good with a touchpad because I need a mouse.

    Thanks for joining T today. It was fun to see your tree again, and of course, a landscape that isn't dotted with snow and ice.

  8. Adorable photos! Those look like verrrrry sugary cookies. :) I am running late for T Day, but better late than never. :)