Monday, December 23, 2013

T-Day: the ChrisTmas Reunion issue

So here we are, the Christmas Eve post for Elizabeth's T Stands for Tuesday
I have spent the day (only Monday here) making DVD's of the party pictures from Saturday night's reunion of old friends. (My face still hurts from so much laughing)
So here is what was happening:.
Dinner: Ribs (beef & pork) coleslaw, green salad, burnt bread, and wine

Judy and Radon: our neighbors for many, many years, their kids call me Mom

Susie and Bob (her second husband) My BFF Her kids call me Mom too.

Randy and Carol. Randy and my husband went to school together.
 Their grandkids call me grandma too

Carol is putting nutmeg on the hot apple pie drinks
1 shot Tuaca
1 pkg instant apple cider mix
HOT water
Whipped cram
1 cinnamon stick
nutmeg to taste
Bob and Susie by the tree

We three always managed to stay out of jail
Carol, Krisha, Susie

The Glitter Grandmas
Judy, Carol Krisha, Susie

Our men folk
Now give us a prop and we will continue to embarrass
 our children and grandchildren . 
(Randy is always a good sport)

Carol, Randy, Me, Bob
So Bob and Randy went to school together.
Their youngest daughter is married to our oldest son.
We were friends, but our children made us Family

Bob and Krisha

Thanks for the party Honey!
So hope you enjoyed the pictures, we had such a great time.  I was so very glad they were here, because as the party had just started I had a phone call that I had just lost a very dear cousin.  Thus I have no make up left on my face.  They were ALL so loving and supportive. 
IT is also the reason I burnt the bread LOL
Merry Christmas
 to all who have stopped by and got this far.......LOL
Inky Hugs


  1. Originally I was going to ask for your recipe for burned bread, then read the sadness it entailed, and decided it would be inappropriate.

    Loved the pictures and how intertwined you all are. I bet it's a fun time at your house when it's party time.

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to join T today with your recipe for hot apple pie drinks. I'm not familiar with the first ingredient, but I bet it's some type of alcohol. It all sounds wonderful, even the menu too. And before I forget, have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. What a wonderful post, and a joy to see that you have such dear friends! I couldn't help but notice your lovely decorations...and the smiles of your friends really lit up the room too...Happy Holidays Krisha!

  3. Hello, what a wonderful time everyone had. I LOVE these pictures and hearing how you know them all and still close all these years later. That is so awesome!! Sorry to hear about your cousin, prayers for your family.
    The drink sounds and looked yummy! As did the dinner.

    Thanks so much for sharing and have a Merry Christmas!

  4. What a lot of fun you all seem to be having. There is something so special about getting together with long time friends, it just can't be better.

    Sorry to hear about your cousin but it is good to know you had loving support on hand.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. Very sorry about your cousin's passing...
    what a blessing to be surrounded by special friends...
    your photos make me smile...
    Wishing you Peace, Love and Light at Christmas and always

  6. Looks like you all had a very good time! Love all the photos!!
    Merry Christmas!

  7. O my goodness! look at all the fun you guys were having! that is the best part of the holidays, finding people you love to share it with!
    Happy T to you and a very Merry Christmas!!

  8. Oh what fun indeed!!! There is nothing like old and dear lifelong friends- my closest friends are since grade school and we're still carrying on and live near each other some 40 some years now. Happy T on Tuesday and a very Merry Christmas!

  9. So sorry to hear about your cousin Krisha, thanks for sharing such beautiful photos. All the very best for Christmas and the new year
    Claire xx

  10. Looks like you had fab evening! A fun bunch to be around too. Sorry to hear you had some sad news. Good you had close friends to help you thru. Thanks for visiting....Merry Christmas! and have a fab 2014! from Nan, T and Baby.

  11. Love the festive personal photos! Such great fun obviously for all! Merry Christmas! Hugs!

  12. It looks like you had a great get together!