Saturday, January 31, 2015

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Did you know today is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day??  I really didn't until Danie May, over at Unruly Paper Arts invited me to link up and play along.  So I did a little "net" research and was pleasantly surprised at how much there is about it, and yet how much there is not about it.  It is basically a day to "observe and or participate in any kind of art form that inspires your heat."  Simple huh?  So how do you do this?  Go to an art museum, listen to music, read a book (yep! writing is an art form) watch a ballet (it's Dirty Dancing for me ..LOL) or do as I did, grab some markers and just create.........
I know this is very calm, and quite restricted, compared to what I usually do, but I have had a horrible head cold and cough all week.  So bending over "Betsy" (my desk's name) made my head scream!!  So I grabbed my Pitt Pens and sat on the sofa.   With my feet on the sofa and my knees bent I could doodle with in peace.  The waves in the background were colored with Gelatos and baby wipes.
This Link-Up party will last until February 2, so you have time to join us.

I would like to welcome Shilpa Nagaonkar , a new friend and follower of this blog.  She is from Bangalor, India.  Her mixed media work is just awesome.  I do hope you  take a moment and drop by her blog and say hi!
 Thanks for stopping by, please let me know you were here
Inky Hugs


  1. What a sweet and pretty piece! I love the colors. Yes, how we sing and dance and play with our art! I enjoyed visiting your blog. You now have another new follower! Sending blessings from here on the farm.

  2. Krisha firstly thanks for the shout out about our event and wonderful introduction to your post.......your piece captures the essence of what this day it is all about, your doodling and just being in the moment is a perfect way to inspire the heart. I love the flow of movement and beautiful colors of this piece. Thanks so much for joining us especially given you have been unwell. I hope you are feeling better soon! Danie xx

  3. What a great idea for when you have a head cold and don't want to bend over a desk. This is so beautiful and so right for this event. I love how you blended colour and how relaxed yet well composed this piece it. I actually did go out to see a modern dance troupe this evening, so I must have known you can inspire your heart with art that way too. And it's been really inspiring catching up with your art and that of participants in this great event! xxx

  4. WOW, you doodled this beautiful piece with a head cold!. I wish I could "doodle" like you with or without a cold!!!! Love the waves they give the piece a nice 3D effect!!!

  5. This sweet delicate piece caught my eye! I usually go for bold colour, but works like yours are restful and invite the eye to linger. Love this work.

  6. Hi Krisha... this is soooooo pretty...You truly have a special hand at doodling... I visited your blog week or so ago and meant to become a follower and forgot to hit that button, so I took care of that this time... Love your details on the piece and my heart was so inspired.. Dirty Dancing me too Krisha, we have alot in common. Glad you joined us at Unruly for this fun day !

  7. Very nice. I couldn't even tell you were sitting on the couch when you created it, LOL! Will check your new friends link.


  8. wow i so love this! very special and meaningful. glad i stopped by from unruly paper arts. xo