Monday, January 5, 2015

T Time Already???

So, if this last week is a sign of how THIS year is going to whizzzzz by, then by my accounts, I'll be pulling out my Christmas decorations again next week....LOL  My Mon used to always tell me "The older you get, the faster time will seem to fly by".  MAN I MUST BE OLD!!!

Well, I had my coffee this morning, 3 bottles (quart size) this afternoon and now I'm treating myself to some carbonated, flavored water.  With the temperatures dropping in the afternoons and then down to freezing at night I have been in the mood to get some soup made.  That is on the list for tomorrow (I did laundry all day today) and what I will most likely be doing when your reading this. ( since I am posting this Monday night).  Soup and going to the recycle center with all the plastic left from the holidays.......:(

I know a lot of bloggers have posted resolutions and lists of goals, and picked word for this year, so I'll leave you with this for a good chuckle ..... kind of sums it up for about you?

LaCretia Ogle's photo.

Happy New Year!!



  1. That had me laughing till I fell over. It is the perfect way to think about "resolutions."

    Glad to see you are being healthy, too. And I agree that time seems to fly, because I was filling out my calendar today and realized it was already the 5th (6th now, I guess). How could that happen when I had just watched the Rose Parade?

    Thanks for sharing this cool (literally) drink and your fun joke with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. Big smile about this resolutions!
    Yes time seems to fly ... that's it!
    I also do laundry today..but it's no big problem .. to tell the truth - my washingmachine Miss Rosie does all the job for me!

  3. Hehehe - I love your resolutions picture :D I haven't made any, nor chosen a word. I love your hair colour, it's wonderful, and definitely suits you. I also agree with everyone about time flying by. A bit scary really, but I think it just means we are all very busy. Enjoy your water drink and Happy T Day! :D

  4. No resolutions or yearly word for me. I am happy the T group is still going strong through as I enjoy our visits.


  5. Hm, like Elizabeth today, you have a type of flavored water that I've never heard of. I must be out of the loop!

    I hope you enjoy your soup on this cold day. Happy T Day!

  6. I don't make resolutions for the new year any more either, and I got a kick out of the picture lol. I've had black cherry flavored kool-aid; but black cherry flavored water is better for you, I'm sure.

  7. Hello and Happy T Day! I love this post, yummy soup and funny but good resolution! Thanks for the laugh this morning. We are in freezing temps now too, and why does the time fly so fast :(

  8. happy new year..I dont have resolutions but just try and be a bit more that vintage sign you have posted

  9. I'm with you on resolutions Krisha :-)
    My sister has a fridge full of flavored water including mango and coconut all new to me.
    A nice pot of soup this time of year is perfect isn't it.
    My Mom always said the very same thing about the passing of time ♥
    Happy T Day

  10. I like the thoughts behind resolutions:):) Although I do choose a word I don't make resolutions although setting a new goal or two helps me. Yes, this is the season for soups which reminds me I need to make more again. I must be old too as I feel the same way about time anymore. Happy T day!

  11. Too funny about the resolution thing.... I used to make resolutions but i think maybe i've grown out of them... lol... just something else to make me feel bad when i don't make them happen... These days i just go with the flow....LOVE the 'new' you!!! Did you grow out the color or how did you 'remove it from your hair' ? Happy Tday woman!! Hugs! deb

  12. Yes! time seems to go faster and faster--lol!
    Soups are great in the winter. I just finished off a 13 Bean Soup and am wondering what to make next. :)
    I think of mine as a casual project list for the year. Pretty much the same idea as hers--hehe!
    Happy T-Day! :)