Friday, January 2, 2015

The Second Time around on the Second: New for 2015

Hello Bloggers!  I bet your wondering about the title of this post..........  Well, Elizabeth, who is Altered Book Lover posted a gentle challenge this morning.  A lot like a Throw Back Thursday but different.  Here is her explanation:
"Once a month, on the second (2nd), I will show a piece of art I have created in the past.  It's a second look at a piece of art I am proud of, or created before anyone knew my blog existed.  I welcome you to join me.  If I get a good response, I will add a Link so everyone can visit your second on the 2nd, too."

Sounds like fun eh?

So I am taking her challenge, and after going "back in time" to 2010 I found a piece that I truly loved and enjoyed making. I had only been blogging about a year when I posted this:

GC69: Chestnut Theme Challenge: Ancient Ages
Ancient ages always brings to mind ( or mine anyway) the great Roman and Greek architecture. ( could be all that art history I took in school) And since the outer walls of the Roman Coliseum is made of travertine, that is what I chose for my background, or backstone (ooooh, booo! hiissss!)
I know that's bad, bad! I used 3 different sizes of travertine tiles, they total 6" high and 8" wide. I got to get out some of my favorite stamps for this project. They are from Beeswax, Frantic Stamper, Uptown Designs and MJ Barber. I did a few images then scrapped acrylic paint (from the tube type) over them, then stamped more images. When everything was pretty well set I used Tom Holtz Vintage Photo ink and aged the edges of each tile. They are mounted on a picture frame I had been meaning to throw away. Instead I painted the frame and hot glued the tiles to it, now it sits on a small easel here in my over crowded craft room. ;)
Well, it didn't stay in the craft room, I moved it to the spare bedroom.  I ended up knocking it over, while dusting,( yes, it was a rare event) so easy to do since the tiles made it front heavy.  Anyway, the thing broke into many pieces and had to be thrown away.  So this post is all I have to remember it by.
Do you have something in the past you would like to re-share?  Let Elizabeth your going to post, this might just become a monthly fun would that be??
Thanks for stopping by........I dare you to take the challenge!! or do your need a double dog dare??  LOL
Inky Hugs


  1. First of all "HELLO" to beautiful you and your gorgeous natural hair color Krisha!
    I too joined in Elizabeth's fun idea and thought about the Throwback Thursday too ;-)
    Your tiles ARE really beautiful and you are so right that they are immortalized on your blog...
    so sad that they went crashing...that stuff does happen sometimes ... sniff sniff!

  2. I had NEVER heard of Throwback Thursday. I'm so sorry if this is something others have done in the past. However, I'm glad I chose only once day a month for this to happen, so I was thrilled that you took the challenge and joined in. It's a very low stress event, and the photos and text are already there for the copying and pasting.

    I was saddened when I read the tiles were thrown away, but the fact you captured them for the world to see and now they are immortalized makes me happy. You DO love to stamp, don't you (grin)?

    Thanks for joining me at the first ever second on the 2nd. I appreciate it.

    BTW, I didn't say anything last year (GRIN), but I did a double take when I saw your latest photo.