Monday, January 26, 2015

T Stands for: I Need a New Cup

 My cup of coffee for this T-day, I like the saying on this cup, but.......................
picture from Pinterest
I need this cup........cause it is so true!  LOL
Linking these up with the Tea Gang over at Elizabeth's Alter Book Lover

I've joined an ATC swap with Daniella Hayes.  She sent invites through FB, it's a three for three swap and the theme is botanical.  I had a very inky Friday playtime, actually made a couple of master boards.  I used them for the first two sets.  Since it is only a three for three, and I got slightly carried away, I need your help to decide which ones to send.

set ONE

set TWO

set THREE I send one of each???
Would anybody be interested in receiving any of the left over ATCs?   If so send me your e-mail.  First come first served as to which one (s)
I hope to share the makings of the master boards a little later.  I found those to be highly addictive...LOL
Thanks for the help
Inky Hugs


  1. Oh my Krisha what delights these are! And to have to choose!? I don't envy you that final choice. I would send one of each. It would be a shame to 'deprive' Daniella of any of them, lol.
    I would be honoured to receive (and will reciprocate) any one of the remaining cards. And I would be very interested in your master board technique.
    My email is ~
    Happy T Day ((hugs)) :o))

  2. I would have trouble choosing, too. They are all gorgeous, but who knows. Maybe one of each is best, or three of one kind and one of a different kind for the host.

    Had to laugh at Mo's comment about master boards. I thought only US crafters weren't familiar with master boards. I guess because you and I hang out with Julia, we know about them. I'm not sure if they are faster to make than other cards, but I sure like how they turn out in the end. That's especially true because I'm such a poor stamper and stamping doesn't seem to matter much when they are cut up.

    Thanks for sharing your need for a new cup and putting pressure on us to decide which ATCs the host should get (grin). Happy T Stands for Tuesday.

  3. Love your ATCs. Would send the remaining cards to Brazil? I'd be honoured.Love the second set. The colors are amazing.

  4. Oh my gosh, how could you pick? I think I would send 1 set of each, keep one set for myself (oops I mean yourself) and gift the last three! Although I would find it especially hard to give up the dragonfly one!

    I am just hearing about those masterboards...sounds like a great way to make multiples for swaps or even to make a series of similar backgrounds with different subjects.

  5. Stay Calm and Move On is exactly what I need to hear = great cup Krisha!
    Master boards are lots of fun and your cards all turned out lovely...not an easy choice for you.
    Happy T Day

  6. Can't wait to hear about masterboards. I like all your ATC's and agree with Craftymoose, set a set with one of each. Then you can send me a dragonfly, hahaha.


  7. fantastic ATCs!! I'd send one of each and would love any one you would choose to send to me-I haven't done an ATC swap in awhile. I like the second cup too:) Happy T day!
    neenfrance (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  8. Hard to pick, and I think I like the 3rd set best, but I agree with the folks who say send 1 of each. That'd be such a great offering :)

    Love that huge coffee cup.

  9. Love these ATC's!!! I like the first set or the third set the best. Not a fan of white i I would love to have one of your ATC's! I'm sure you already have my email but here ya go!
    Nuleaf at comcast dot net Hugs! deb

  10. For me there's no comparison! The dragonflies!! Love dragonflies and the rich, deep color just speaks to me. Happy T-Day! :)

  11. Hello and Happy T Day! These are gorgeous, all of them!! I swap ATCs too, so much fun to make but hard to decide what to send. I would send one of each, too hard to pick just one. What we've done in our swaps if anyone sends extras is to give them out as RAK or for the hostess to keep. Make sure to safe one or more for yourself though, they are too gorgeous not too.

  12. Hi Krisha...the ATC's are gorgeous and I love the new natural color of your hair...very flattering...
    Hugs Carole #55

  13. Hello!

    Your ATCs are great - love them all, but the last one is simply gorgeous! So beautiful! Wishing you a happy week!


    Barbara Diane

  14. They all look so good I would not be able to help you choose
    Bridget #7

  15. Great ATC's! I haven't made any in quite some time. Fun size to work with.