Tuesday, January 13, 2015

WOYWW 293 Let there be INK!

Greetings all you WOYWWers!   Wednesday is once again here and it is time to link up over at Julia's blog to see what's on everybody's desk this week.
 You can't tell it by this photo, but Betsy is ginning from left to right and back again this week, cause she is loaded with new ink pens, new inks, new art journal and even a new book to store die cuts in!!!  Last weekend, while our heater was on the blink, I sat a little space heater up in here and crafted all day Saturday.  I made the book there on the left, it is full of pockets that now hold odd die cuts, the extras that seem to get cut, but for some reason are not the right color, wrong shape after all, or I was just die cutting left over scraps. 

The pink bucket holds my new Faber Castell colored brush markers.......WOOT! WOOT!  I have been wanting some new markers, of good quality, and NOT water based.  Theses are fantastic!  They are India Ink and dry super fast.  The ones on the desk top are Faber Castell Pitt markers with the small tip, great for journaling and doodling, and are India Ink also.  NO, I did NOT pay full price for all of them.  It took me a few stops and more than two 50% off coupons to get most of them.  I will confess, cause ya'll know me too well by now, that I did pay full price for a couple of the FC brush marker sets, only because I wanted to bring them home TODAY!!!
Those are the empty packages still laying where they landed when I opened the pens up........grin.  The bottles (in the shadows) are Liquitex acrylic ink, and they were ALL ON SALE  from $7.00 each down to $4.00 each at Hobby Lobby today. 
Mixed in with all the ink are a couple of rolls of Recollections glitter tape, that are cut in a swirly design.........only 99 cents apiece!  "Blue skies are here again, put on a happy face" good thing you really can't hear me singing that!!!  LOL

Once I got the pens out of the packages I grabbed my new journal and headed for the sofa to give them a try, my first sewn together journal instead of the spiral or loose leaf I usually buy.  Didn't stay at Betsy for the test run be cause DH was home, and I can doodle and talk ( mostly listen to him talk....grin) at the same time.  He has been have dental work done the last couple of days.  Today they put the implants in for his two front teeth and he's kinda sore.  Once these heal up they will crown them, and he will have two new, permanent teeth, and hopefully he will be finished for the rest of his life!!  This is just the end of almost a year of dental work.  I might have been able to get a newer model DH for the price of all this dental work, but I just don't have the patience to train a new one.....LOL

Thanks to everybody that visited last week.  I'll start my rounds early tomorrow, when it is really Wednesday here...........................

Inky Hugs
"ART IS A GUARANTEE OF SANITY".....Louise Bourgeois


  1. Wow. Dental work is expensive. I know my friend Kathy had some new permanent ones put in and it took them over a YEAR to get them right. What a great bunch of new pens you got. And I've heard the india ink pens are the best, even though I've never seen any. Good for you.

    No number yet, but you know where I reside.

  2. Have fun with your new pens, I can see you are over the moon with them and they sound like a great buy
    Bridget #1

  3. What a wonderful selection of goodies you have treated yourself too. And such patience!
    I went to Hobby Lobby in Burbank but was disappointed - I guess it was the Christmas aftermath and most crafting stuff had been snatched up. Could have spent a fortune on household goods - some fantastic stuff we don't seem to have in the UK. Am hoping I get to Michaels before long.
    Glad you kept the hubby!
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  4. Your new pens sound fab, must look out for those... and the book to store your spare die cuts is a great idea! Helen #5

  5. Oooh lots of lovely new goodies there to play with - I think you are in for lots of fun! Have a great week - Sunshine Girl #13

  6. Enjoy all your new goodies! I would get more crafting done in the evenings, but I always feel so guilty when I head upstairs to craft when he's home. I haven't figured out how to craft and chat at the same time, lol! So glad your DH's dental work is almost finished....doesn't sound fun at all!!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #17

  7. Wonderful collection of FC pens. I have the big india ink brush markers and they are fabulous. Colours are always so vibrant. My hubby is also having implants he is due back for another lot in April and the cost is astronomical.
    sandra de @25

  8. You sound over the moon excited with your new toys, what a wonderful collection you have to play with. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 43
    Happy WOYWW

  9. This pens are already on my wishlist ... yeah!
    You have a wonderful collection of them!
    Happy WOYWW Krisha!

  10. Your lovely purchases look like a second Christmas. Enjoy them. :)

    Horace @ no. 50

  11. Love the book you've for your dies! Your pens look great too! There's nothing like new stash to make us happy! Make sure you use them - they're not just for stroking! Have a wonderful week filled with creativity! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #47

  12. Great idea to make a pocket book for extra dies. Keep them organized so you might actually use them. All that new stuff to play with looks awesome too! Have fun crafting away the day. Shel#56

  13. New "toys" are always so much fun! And a way to organize dies is great, too! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #58

  14. Your little pocket book looks adorable! Isn't wonderful to start fresh with great new supplies? Have a great week! Sandy Leigh #60

  15. Hee hee! I always say the reason I don't trade in hubby for a newer model is it is too much work to train a new one. And yes! There is lots of ink to be had on your desk today. So many different fun colors in different mediums to try out. We'll expect bright and colorful things from you now! Judy #74

  16. So exciting to get new stuff--and on sale makes it even more delicious!! :)

  17. Just look at all those gorgeous new pens!!!! You are going to have SO much fun creating with those, Krisha!

    I'm not woywwing this week, but wanted to get a little snoop in anyway and say hi, too!


  18. Hi Krisha, Happy WOYWW. Lots of inky goodness going on here, I bought a load of liquatex when I got the Gelli Pad, and not yet splashed it on! Thanks for visiting today.

    I know - it is hard to decide to let things go, even when they have never been used in 10 years. I am getting there gradually, and I think I will be more creative when I get it down to the things I really want to use - long way to go!

    Cazzy x

  19. If only teeth were indestructible, still nearly done. Have fun with your new goodies. 78

  20. I can understand your excitement. I use the Faber Castell pens too and I also love them. Have fun!!
    Gabriele 32

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