Tuesday, December 29, 2015

T is for Happy New Year

The last Tuesday, of this year, to meet up with the T-Gang and Elizabeth , and of course I am running late!! So this is going to be a quick post..........that's my intention anyway....*grin*  I'm starting with a picture of the beautiful turkey my DH cooked for Christmas dinner.  He cooked it outside in one of the ceramic cookers.......I wish you could smell it.....OMGoodness is was delicious!!
Our dinner table, with labels, since I write about these families quite often.  I had the pleasure of having 4 generations of our DIL's family here for dinner........we have known these people for over 35 years......yep, Brian and Vanesss grew up together.
The "little" sister's table

Most of you, that come for T-Day know these two
Before Christmas, I received a package from Lisca, the Scrapping Cavewoman.  She had made me this fantastic book about her and her life in Spain, with pictures and all hand written.  I have to admit that I have read this book 4 or 5 times already....LOL  The ATC, with the 3-D bird has a Bible verse on the back and the little shinny red book has a saying in it.  THANK YOU truly was my best Christmas present!!

The same week I received a PC from our Jinxxxygirl.....Deb She always makes the best PC!!  Thanks so much Deb!

This photo is just to prove that I have been doing a few crafty things.  In fact I just took this one this morning.  I've been looking at book binding on Pineterst and You Tube (on my cell phone).  It has been cold here, and lately we have been able to burn wood in the stove.........but the heat doesn't get down the hall and around the corner and into this room.....*grin* Yesterday wood burning was prohibited, and the heater was turned back on, and I came back here and started making a journal (way into the night and that's why I'm late today....LOL) I did take one of my art journals to the sofa and finished a page I started over a month ago.......I'll try to post it later.  I also found and adjusted a planner page of sorts.  This one I might be able to keep with.....time will tell!
So that's a wrap for this LAST T-day of this year.  We don't have any fancy plans for New Years Eve, I'll most likely watch it all on TV, and New Years Day is just a normal day around here for us.
 How do you celebrate the new year??
 However your celebrate, or not, I hope you have a safe turning of the calendar and a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!
Inky Hugs


  1. I LOVE the look of that turkey, soooo yummy, and great photos of all the family tucking in. Love the little tables for the kids!. Glad you enjoyed your holida, and you have wonderful presents from Lisca and Jinxy Girl. Good that you are finding time to be crafty, too. Happy New Year 2016! Hugs, Valerie

  2. gorgeous looking turkey-and family! Thanks for introducing them all to us. And boy, if those two little sisters aren't mini mes(?-you know what I mean) of Rachel and Hannah who I must say are growing up into such lovely young ladies! What special gifts you have received too. I wish I could have gotten more cards out but ran out of time d/t being sick too although not as bad as you. Happy crafting, happy T day, and a very happy New year! We're probably going to stay home and watch tv too:)

  3. Back when I was not a vegetarian, I used to smoke a turkey every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I agree the smell is unbelievable. I soaked my cherry wood in apple juice, then added it above the coals. It even makes me hungry thinking about it as I sit here ready to eat my salad!

    Loved the photos of everyone who shared Christmas with you. Your plates and glasses are even more beautiful with food on them.

    The gifts of love from Lisca and Jinxy Girl are simply amazing. Beautiful art and such thoughtfulness.

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us for T this Tuesday. I hope you have a safe, warm, and delightful New Year's Eve and Day. It's been a joy to meet you on the internet, and I look forward to many more years of the same friendship.

  4. Forgot to mention that you think it's cold in SOCAL, please come to Kansas where it's not only bitterly cold, it's icy, too!

  5. How nice to see all of those festive smiling faces gathered around to celebrate.
    Fun that you made time to play in your art journal.
    I am needing more of that these days...always such a nice escape.
    The art mail you received looks very special too.
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Healthy New Year Krisha.
    Thank you for your kind words over at my Magpie's Nest.
    I am looking forward to another year of friendship and inspiration.
    Happy T Day oxo
    p.s. Mr M and I celebrate our anniversary on New Year's Eve...the one where we fell in Love...our wedding anniversary is in April ♥

  6. I love how you typed the names on the pictures. I have got to get a software package to do that!

  7. Wow! There are so many generations sitting at that table! That is very special. Thanks for naming them all, so we get the idea of who's who. The girls look like they are enjoying their meal too.
    Oh, and you have featured my present! I feel honored... Glad you liked it. Jinxxygirl's PC is beautifully tangled. I wish I could do that.
    Thank you for visiting earlier,
    Wishing you and yours all the best for 2016,

  8. I love your family photos - family times are always so special! Great gifts from friends too! Happy T day! Chrisx

  9. Well I sure hope you have a wonderful New Year! The photos of your family are so lovely and everyone looks quite happy enjoying the feast! I have been somewhat MIA, but all is good!

  10. your Family photos will make great memories one day!
    wishing you and yours a wonderful year 2016!!

  11. You have such a great big family. I like such family evening when everyone meets together. Such days are really special moments in our lives.

  12. What a great looking crowd you are- enjoying some wonderful food to celebrate. And such lovely gifts. It sounds like you had a beautiful holiday! Hugs!

  13. I can almost taste that turkey. Yummmmm! Your gathering looks so happy, and I know closing a year with joy will bring joy into the new year. Happy T Tuesday on Wednesday ;)