Monday, December 14, 2015

T, wine, and paint

Holiday greetings blog friends!  Almost the middle of December already and I hope all your holiday preparations are falling into place. Now, onto what you've come around for......the weekly drink to be shared with the T-gang.
Last Tuesday evening was the Bakersfield Bucklist  Bunnies first fundraiser.  The event was held at a Restaurant and wine bar.  The dinner was a 5 course meal with a wine paring with each course. There was also a silent auction of some gorgeous gift baskets, and even a side chair. Also a nice fashion show put on by one of our sponsors.
My really good friend Cathy went with me
The food was very rich.....but tasty....this is what was left of my fillet. We also had shrimp, lobster bisque (it was more like a stew....) and there was one more entrée and a dessert, but I can't remember what they were.  I don't think I finished one course..........and still left FULL!!
Neither Cathy, or I, were impressed with the I drank  a lot of water, plus I still wasn't feeling very well. But this even was planned and paid for long before I got sick.....LOL
The blue raffle tickets were for............
The Grand Prize
All I can say is: Sure glad I went cause it became a "winner, winner...chicken dinner"  YEP! I won the grand prize!
Sunday night was an other event I paid for before getting sick, so I went.  It was Paint Nite.  This is how they set the rooms up for the painters......rather close....
but I still found a spot for a glass of wine.....LOL

The beginnings of my canvas......This is NOT the type of event to "learn" how to paint...exactly.

Looking down the table I was sitting at.
 Now, these are supposed to be clouds.....????? yea, me too....LOL  I was following what the instructor said, instead of what I know.  So I ended up with a purple elephant across the top......can ya see it yet???
So this is what I ended up with.....a representation of what it was supposed to look like......ROTFLOL!!
Of course I had to prove that I was the one behind this flying purple elephant........LOL
Now it is time for me to get busy on some errands, still early Monday here so I'll link up with the T-gang a little later.
Inky Hugs


  1. It's too bad you were sick for these two events. But you certainly got your money's worth at the dinner, even though the wine wasn't all that good. I bet you and your husband will appreciate the time away in wine country.

    That artist SUCKED. That was the worst cloud I've ever seen. Elephant is right. Elephant in the room was the "instructor." Looks like you made the best of it and laughed at the entire event, regardless.

    Thanks for joining us with wine, wine, and more wine for T this Tuesday.

  2. Sorry you weren't feeling good, but glad to hear you won a big prize. I like your elephant painting, but I have never seen clouds like that before. Perhaps the instructor paid too much attention to the wine! Have a good week, take care, and happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. it is good you can take it from the Humor side... well, this Kind of instructors are not fun actually, as i´m sure you paid good Money.
    i hope you feel really good soon and can enjoy your prize!
    happy t-day!

  4. You sure looked happy and good at these events although you still weren't feeling well. And congrats on winning the grand prize wow!! Glad to see you had a fun time with your painting and class. I bet you could do another -on your own-and get rid of "the elephant". But I really don't think your painting is so bad. I love the trees and that vibrant yellow! Happy T day-well, or in your case-wine day:)

  5. Congrats on winning the weekend away! Hopefully the wine will be better than you had at the event :)

    Too bad your instructor had you paint "elephant clouds", but I'm sure it made for a memorable evening.

    Happy T Day!

  6. Hi Krish, sorry you weren't on top form to enjoy your lovely events but so glad you still made the effort to attend them, or you wouldn't have got your grand prize! Did laugh at your clouds... they look very forbidding! Annette

  7. Oh boy, you won! Sounds like a weekend that will suit you and your DH to a Tea (pun intended).

    I think you could have taught your instructor a thing or two about painting but I'm sure you enjoyed the evening with other painters anyhow.

  8. Great photos of you out and about having a grand time Krisha!
    I've missed you.
    We went to our nephews wedding in Paso Robles a few years ago and had such a good time. Congrats!!! on winning that super prize!!!
    Those paint party places are popping up everywhere here on the east coast too. It looks like fun.
    Hope you are feeling tip top very soon.
    Happy T Day

  9. Congrats on your win!

    I've seen storm clouds that actually looked like that, so I think they look more like clouds than you think ;)

  10. Hope you are now feeling better and get to really enjoy the GRAND prize with your friend. I thought the painting perfect for a cold california! best wishes for the holidays

  11. Ha, you need a sense of humor! But congratulations on winning the big prize!
    I'm hoping you are feeling a bit better now.
    Thank you for sharing the photos.
    We are having really lovely weather here. I'm sitting on the terrace baking in the sun and have had to come in as I can't see the screen very well!(Indoors it is cold mind! Tonight we will light the fire).

    Happy T-day and have a good week,

  12. Perhaps it was the instructors first time? I like to give her the benefit of the doubt but its sad that you paid good money for her first time teaching. I have never painted clouds so i'm not sure how well i would have I like the trees though!

    OH MY GOSH you won the grand prize Krisha!!! Wow your lucky!!!! You have to tell us all about it.. Hugs! deb

  13. Paint Nites seem to be quite popular right now...looks like fun, even though you think that cloud isn't quite right. You can just say you didn't want to upstage the other attendees!? the main thing is the fun you had and the memories you created. I suspect you won't be able to resist touching up that canvas later...! and grand prize ? Lucky you!! happy T day!

  14. OMGosh! I am so glad you made both events even if you're not well yet!! Fun! Fun! AND--winner! winer! chicken dinner!! Grand prize, no less. Congrats and happy T-Day!! :)

  15. Woo to the hoo!!! Congratulations on winning the grand prize. It looks like a very fancy night out. I've never had a meal like the 5-course meal that you described. I'm sure that it more than makes up for the small disappointments of the paint party. Happy T Day. :)

  16. Yay! Sounds like a great prize! Sorry you were still feeling ill! That paint party looks like it could have been good fun if only the example you had to follow was better! Hugs, Chrisx

  17. I hope you're feeling better by now!Congratulations on winning the grand prize: you've got fairy's hands and desreved it! Happy T Day