Monday, December 21, 2015

T stands for "Oh ya, it's *that* time of year!!

I was busy this evening (Monday) getting out some of my Christmas china and decided to stop and have a sweet coffee and an energy bite. Then I remembered it's time to link up with Elizabeth and the T-Gang for one last get together before Christmas.

My sweet coffee has sugar free chocolate and caramel syrup and a lot of unsweetened heavy whipping cream .........tastes like a virgin Bailey's Irish Cream and coffee.  I have since drank that, and a second one .....with the Irish cream.......needed more punch!!!  LOL!  For the past month I've been trying to stay away from white flour and white sugar ( Bailey's doesn't count at Christmas time...LOL), and I came across this recipe for these energy bites on Pinterest.........I LOVE THEM!! 
It feels good to have both feet among the living again, although I still have a cough, but ever so much better now.  I went to the Dr. twice and he finally told me I now have asthma, and has me on two inhailers. I can no longer take penicillin since I broke out in hives the last time I took it.  So with the wheeezzzzing, bronchitis and a sinus infection ( guess being on the desert, with the wind blowing wasn't such a good idea at Thanksgiving), the coughing was horrendous, and not everything I ate would stay down. So these little energy bites really came in handy. not tooo much and not tooo heavy.  Good news is my stomach has shrunk and now I eat about half the amount I used too and I have lost 10 pounds!  I know NOT the best way to lose weight, at least not my favorite!! Things still don't sound good and often times don't taste good, but I do make myself eat two to three times a day and a small snack or two.
Now, food may not always sound good.....but wine?!!? oh yea, I can taste *THAT*.  Since DH and I ARE RKO Transport Company, we always have a "company dinner" out for the holidays.  This year we invited my friend Cathy and her husband Jim out for dinner at a local steak house.

There is always water on our table too.
After dinner, the four of us decided to go out to CALM (California Animal Living Museum) and see the lights.  This is their BIG fund raiser each year and all the lights and decorations are donated.  It was cold last Friday night, so the walk through the museum was great after a big meal.  They had added more lights and displays this year and it was well worth the trip and the cold walk around.


After celebrating on Friday night, Saturday night we get a call from the City of Shafter....


  1. Your Christmas china and glasses are gorgeous. Looks like you have everything already laid out for the big day. And congrats on your weight loss. I had lost some weight this year, then hit a plateau and couldn't get past it. Now I seem to be gaining again because I'm eating the wrong foods I cook for Sally.

    That was a beautiful walk through CALM. Those photos were incredible, especially at night. That takes talent.

    Gosh, I feel for you and the water situation. I hope things work out and they figure out how to fix the problem.

    Thanks for sharing the lovely lights, your bad water news, and your wonderful looking coffee and energy bites, as well as your wine with us for T this week.

    Merry Christmas. I hope it is as joyous as it appears to be at your house for Christmas.

  2. Sorry to hear that you have been so poorly, and hope you are now really on the way to recovery. Your Christmas crockery is beautiful and I love the sound of those energy bites, I have copied the recipe. We have a similar situation with the water here; the airport contaminated the ground after using the wrong extinguisher foam, and all of the little lakes and streams and wells are not usable. But the town has assured as that the water is usable for drinking and cooking, although there are notices everywhere telling us that bathing in the lakes can be fatally dangerous. Needless to say, I am using bottled water....
    Happy T Day, stay well, take care and happy holidays, hugs, Valerie

  3. These energy balls are looking delicious - and sure they are perfect for you now...
    the lights in the park look wonderful, i can understand you enjoyed them very much.
    and i love your Humor: then we drink wine, if water is too time consuming to prepare. haha! (well, not funny actually, i know)

    krisha, have a wonderful time with you and yours!! all the best!

  4. Gorgeous Christmas plate set Krisha! Your coffee drink sounds so good-esp if you don't want(or can't have) the real thing. Those energy balls look delicious so of course I will have to try them. Wine is always a good thing-especially with friends. So glad you are feeling better and the weight loss IS a benefit:) But asthma-ugh! Boy, and what timing with the water situation. Of course you have it all figured out! Wishing you and yours a happy T day and a very Merry Christmas!

  5. I like your Christmas pattern, Very pretty :)

    I tend to take clean, safe water for granted, and it's such a shock when things go wrong. I'm sure having to be closed during this season hurts those restaurants. I hope the city figures it out quickly!

    Happy T (with boiling water) Tuesday :)

  6. Bummer about your illness but at least loosing a bit of weight is a reward for the crud. ;)
    Beautiful Christmas dishes and light photos!
    Happy T day and Merry Christmas!

  7. Clean water is so easy to take for granted.
    Glad you are on the road to recovery Krisha...not fun being sick for so long. You take care.
    Thank you for sharing your festive post and wishes.
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.
    Happy T Day too

  8. I am sorry to hear you got asthma, that is no fun, but should be ok as long as you take your medicine. Also, too bad about your water! However, seems like you are planning a fun Christmas dinner, so I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy T-Day!

  9. Sorry to hear you are not completely well yet, and now you have asthma too! Cutting out wheat and sugar is a good idea. We do it every year for a few months. It makes me feel much better and I lose a lot of weight too. We're due to start our diet afternthe holidays. That recipe looks great. I'll copy it. It's the sort of thing I like.
    That situation with the drinking water is timed badly. What a bummer. But as you say...just drink wine!
    The illuminations at CALM are beautiful! Well worth the trip I would say.
    Thanks for sharing those photos. Thank you also for visiting my blog earlier,
    Have a very lovely Christmas,

  10. Krisha so sorry to hear you've not been feeling so well. I hope they get your water situation sorted out soon. We do take fresh clean water for granted don't we. You Christmas china and glassware look lovely and it sounds as if you have a fun time planned.

    Love the photos of the illuminations. Have a very happy Christmas. Barbxx

  11. Sorry to hear you now have asthma--hopefully the inhalers will help you feel better.
    Ugh, not the best time of year to have a water problem. At least you can refill your bottles at your son's house.
    I really enjoyed the photos of the animals.
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  12. Praying for your complete recovery Krisha. Thank you for sharing the lights pictures. We have been hearing a lot that tap water is not safe as we think. Hope the wat er problem will be rectified soon so that you can prepare for the Christmas party.
    Merry Christmas and wishing you a happy and wonderful time with your loved ones.

  13. Complete healing and a Merry Christmas to you, Krisha. The photos are wonderful. Y'all look really busy. That's a blessing in itself!

  14. The energy bites look so good - definitely giving them a try! I love the illumination pics - what a great way to raise funds! I hope your water gets fixed soon and that you can have a lovely Christmas! Chrisx

  15. I'm glad you feel better but that was not a good way to lose weight.
    I hope the water issue s fixed soon. Kind of scary! Like you said--wine, beer, pop...and bottled water to the rescue. Happy T-Day and Merry Christmas! :)

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  17. I am so sorry to hear that you were so sick Krisha!
    Take care!!
    Wonderful christmas lights and so yummie things here to look at!
    I wish you a Very Merry Christmas Sweetie and get completely well soon!

  18. These light decorations are so beautiful! These sculptures look so amazing. They totally make my holiday mood.